Does God laugh?

It was the question of a young boy to his grandmother – “Does God laugh?” It’s a good question. His grandmother rightly replied, “certainly God laughs.” And the young boy proceeded to tell God some jokes and asked if his grandmother thought God laughed at each one.

As I heard this tale I was reminded of pictures I have seen of Jesus laughing, or at least smiling really big. I looked up “laughing Jesus” on Google and I found this artistic rendering of Jesus with a little child:


It’s a great picture and I think a valid rendering of what Jesus might look like in such a situation – not the exact “look” of Jesus, but the expression certainly.

I like this picture because it shows the emotion of joy in such a profoundly simple way. Laughter is joy expressed with great bravado and volume, is it not? Surely God knows joy like this.

I also have to believe God laughs because there is much to laugh at as he watches us. Oh, there is much to cry about as well, but God tells us that joy is part of life even as suffering is. So, when God sees me trying to take on a big task that only He could truly handle, I begin to wonder if it doesn’t look like a little one putting on an adult’s pair of shoes and trying to walk, or a child grabbing up adult-sized tools and trying to do the work they have seen their parents doing.

If it does look like that, then surely God laughs. It’s not a demeaning “laugh-at-you” kind of laugh, it’s a “you-are-just-too-much” kind of laugh. And I’m okay with that. It tells me God knows I mean well, that I’m trying. I may not get it right, I may take on more than makes sense, but it’s only because I have seen what God can do and I want to be part of what my heavenly Father is doing.

So, as you go about your day there may be times when God looks out at you, throws His head back, and lets out a mighty laugh. But remember, it’s just your Father who admires your effort, who loves your sense of humor, who applauds your performance – because He loves you like His own. And that’s because you are.

Let’s make it our challenge today. Let’s see if we can make God laugh. That little boy I mentioned, I have no doubt he did.

Holy high-five to you,


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