Stumble by faith…

So, the biblical saying is – “walk by faith and not by sight.” And, as I said on Facebook last week, I get it. I just wish my eyesight wasn’t so good.

I know what God says in the Word – don’t focus on what is seen but on what is unseen. I think about how many people say, “everything happens for a reason,” and I shout out loud even if I am by myself – “NOOOOO! It didn’t necessarily happen for a reason, but in all things God will work for our good!” That’s a faith statement, not a sight statement. If I can know that God works in all things for my good, then there is nothing to fear, no issue or problem that can’t be redirected for good. It means that no matter what I see happening, God is still there and working.

I get it. Walking by faith means trusting that God is there and God will move and God will manage things – even if I can’t.

Yeah, I get it, mostly. Well, at least a little. The truth is, I don’t always live into what I know. I find myself stumbling by faith more than walking. Sometimes I feel like I blew out my spiritual knee or cramped up or got spiritually winded and I’m not walking so great. Other times I begin to walk by faith only to suddenly look around and begin to stumble. I still have faith, but I’m not able to stay upright. Sounds like the story of Peter walking on the water (click here to read the story).

Here’s the good news for me: I don’t have to be the best faith walker, I just have to keep trying. I don’t have to be perfect in my faith, I just have to keep practicing my faith. I might stumble. I might even fall. But I can get back up. And if you know that story about Peter walking on the water you know Jesus reached out and helped him when he stumbled in his faith walk across the water. Jesus does that for me as well.

So, I will walk by faith when my legs are strong and I will stumble by faith when my legs feel shaky. But in all things and at all times, God will work for my good and the good of others. When I am not so sure-footed, I can trust that Jesus will be there to reach out a hand to me. And so I can say, thanks be to God.

Holy high-five to you,


2 responses to “Stumble by faith…

  1. Thanks for this reassuring reminder that even when I stumble and bumble around (and question), I can trust that God will help me stay upright on my walk.

  2. This is one of the many reasons I feel so blessed to have our church family. As we are all struggling to “get it right”, we hold each other up and are reminded that though we may be at times spiritually blind, we help point each other through our faith to the light of Christ.

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