If I had three wishes…

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

Wealth? Friends? Health? Reconciliation? A new car? A new job?

The possibilities are endless. The list of hopes and dreams is extensive. That’s what makes the choice so difficult, doesn’t it?

I sit this morning reflecting back on a week at summer camp. It is a few days of concentrated community. We were adults and campers (8th and 9th graders) who jumped into a week-long life together. We ate together. We worshipped together. We laughed together.  And we cried together. Sometimes we liked being together. Other times we wished we could be back where we were.

One wish I would wish if I had three wishes… that we could live together in such connectedness in our churches more than we do.

I realize that even in our churches we do not live together as a community per se. We live together with common interests and common faith and common spiritual experiences, but not as much in community as we might. I wish we could be better at eating together, laughing together, praying together. Yeah, at times we might wish we didn’t have to deal with each other, but the life we could have might be worth those moments.

I sit here this morning reflecting on yesterday – Sunday worship. It was a good day. Testimonies were shared. Communion was celebrated. Hope was lifted up and God was glorified.

The second wish I would wish if I had three wishes… that I would embrace those moments more and savor them longer.

Life moves pretty quickly these days. It is easy, especially as a preacher, to simply try to get through Sunday morning. It is easy to get to the end of Sunday morning with a sigh of relief that the sermon got preached and the building is locked up. It is easy to look ahead at the tasks and to-do lists of the coming week. For me it is easy to lose the joy I experienced in the midst of my church family giving praise to God. So, I wish I did better at savoring the moment. I wish I held onto the smiles I had when talking to the children. I wish I remembered more those moments when I was captivated by the Spirit of God in times of singing and praying.

I sit here this morning looking out my back door and pondering the shadows and light on the walls. I can feel the warmth of the sunlight and the coolness of the shadows. I am reminded that the shadows cannot force themselves into the light. I realize the light has the power.

The third wish I would wish if I had three wishes… that we would shine more light and drive out more shadows.

I love knowing Jesus and being part of His church and being in community with other followers. I also hope to see us do more to impact our world – being the light that dispels the darkness. Lately I have heard of many who struggle with various issues – brokenness in homes and hearts, illness and stress. So many of our neighbors are trying to push back the shadows. But the only way to move the darkness is to bring in light. And when we bring in even the smallest of flames, darkness can’t fight against it. My wish is that we would let our light so shine through true acts of love and compassion that the shadows would retreat in fear.

Those are my three wishes today. I might have others tomorrow.

How about you? What would you wish for?

Holy high-five to you,


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