PED’s – Performance Enhancing Devotions

There is lots of talk these days about athletes who “juice” – the most infamous at the moment is Lance Armstrong. Juicing is a slang term for using substances designed to enhance an athlete’s performance by giving them greater strength or a quicker healing ability.

As I thought about my own life and my daily work in connecting to God Ibible and syringe copy began to wonder if my time of prayer and meditating on God’s Word was a spiritual form of performance enhancement. Most days (although not EVERY day, Iconfess) I spend time in prayer and reading the Scripture. Many days I give time to meditate and reflect on what God is saying to me. It makes a real difference in my life when I do – and an even greater difference when I don’t.

Viewing my devotion time as a way to “enhance” my daily performance sounds really good. Using a time of prayer and silence to give myself an edge to take on my day seems like the right way to go. If a quiet time in the morning can help give me more strength and help me bounce back from mistakes and failures and spiritual warfare in a quicker time frame, then that’s a good thing. Isn’t it?

But here is the dilemma: there is a difference between “juicing” and practicing. There is a difference between trying to find the quick fix and doing the harder work that takes more time.

My devotion time is not best considered as a way to “boost” my ability to face the day. My devotion time should be more about knowing the reality of who God is and who I can be in God so that by God’s grace at work in me through the day I can bring glory to God.

And there’s the rub. My life is not about my performance and being the best I can be. Oh, being my best is good, but that’s not the goal. To glorify God in my life, to glorify God by abiding in Him in every possible moment, that is the goal to shoot for. That is the best of life. My devotion time is simply a way to begin my day remembering and soaking in the presence of God so that I can live in His presence in as many moments as possible throughout the day.

My performance is not what God looks at when he measures my day. God looks at my heart and my love and my willingness to give myself for others as Jesus gave himself for me. Will my life look good if I do that? I guess it would. But, my time with God is not about finding a way to make me look good; it’s about finding ways to help others look to God and see God’s glory. After all, it is God who is the MVP, not me, not you, not any of us.

Take time to engage with God in a real way today and every day. Give yourself to a time of prayer and devotion and meditation. Then, go and live as many moments as possible fully immersed in a life with God.

Holy high-five to you,


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