We Become the Choices We Make

hFor me, Monday morning begins much the same way each week. Get up, jump in the shower and begin thinking about what the heck I am going to post on my blog! It’s a great regimen for me because it makes me think back across the day of worship and ministry on Sunday and even back across the previous week. I just looked back at my posts and the first one was in May of 2008. I have been doing this for close to 5 years now. I would not have guessed that. Of course, I do miss some weeks, like last week due to being at a conference. And, I sometimes add a mid-week post. But, all in all, it adds up to 252 published entries.

That stat makes me think two things – one, God bless those who are willing to read these posts for all those years or any of those years. These are just my ramblings and many of you have been so very kind to read and comment on them. Secondly, it makes me think of how this process has added to my life. Every Monday I wake up reflecting back on the week past and thinking about how my life in Christ and my life with other followers of Jesus Christ has impacted my thinking and my being. If you read this regularly you know that some weeks I can praise God for the amazing blessings that have come simply because I followed God’s lead and listened to God’s voice. On other Mondays I am lamenting my failure to be obedient and faithful (and, yet on other days I am just putting some drivel down on the page).

Those times of reflecting back on the previous week or thinking about the days to come have made me examine the choices I have made and made me think about the choices I will make. It has become an important part of my ongoing journey because the reality is, we become the choices we make. If I choose to follow God’s lead and listen to God’s voice I become stronger in Christ and closer to him. If I choose to eat healthy and exercise I become more fit and more energetic. If I procrastinate and avoid hard things I become anxious and edgy. If I skip times of prayer and neglect the reading of the Scriptures I become vulnerable to the temptations around me.

We become the choices we make. Almost five years ago I chose to begin writing a blog. Now I am a blogger. Many years ago I chose to commit to a long-term Bible study which led me to answer God’s call to ministry and now I am a pastor. Several months ago I chose to eat well and exercise more, and the other day I was running around playing Frisbee with young people on a church lawn in Dallas.

The point is this – today I will have choices to make. Some of them will be small and others may be big. The choices I make will determine who I become. They won’t be the last indicator of who I COULD become because there are more choices to come even after those choices. But, choosing wisely today will certainly make for a better tomorrow.

So there it is. One more post on the pile – number 253. Inspiration or drivel – I will let you decide. As for me, I am glad I made the choice to at least put it out there.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “We Become the Choices We Make

  1. Hard to believe 5 years have passed so quickly. I have read your blogs — as you see, maybe not currently — but I never delete until they have been read. Thank you for taking the time to do this, I look forward to reading and catching up.

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