You can’t live in the sunrise

It’s nice to see the sunlight streaming in through the blinds on my office window. I don’t know where you are as you read this, but in my neck of the woods it has been rainy and cloudy. That’s not a bad thing, rain is very beneficial. However, it is nice to see the sun.sunrise

There is something inspirational about the sunrise, is there not? The darkness begins to mellow to a shadowy grayness, the clouds begin to take on a slight tinge of color, and the promise of a new day and new possibilities begins to emerge. I like that feeling. It encourages me to believe that I can begin again, I can begin to find beauty even when things have seemed dark or messy (especially important as I look at my office today!). A sunrise is good and beautiful and uplifting.

And yet, just when you begin to really enjoy the sunrise it’s suddenly gone. You turn around and the sun is up just slightly above the horizon and the light is full and bright. It’s nice to have the sunny day, but I begin to yearn for the beauty of the sunrise. But, alas, you can’t live in the sunrise you can only enjoy it while it’s there.

That’s how it is with new beginnings – they feel amazing in the moment. They are things of beauty and inspiration. And yet, you turn around and they’re gone.

I spent most of my day yesterday focused on new beginnings. We had our first worship service of the year, which was a blessing. I had several leadership training sessions to help our leaders find their bearings for the year ahead. And, I had my first session with our youth as the interim Youth Ministries Director. It was a really good day. After being at the church for 15 hours straight I went home feeling good and energized for the year ahead. I was encouraged and inspired by this day of new beginnings. And now, as I make my way into my office and get to work on the day’s agenda, the sunrise is gone.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am looking forward to the year ahead just as I am glad for the day we have before us. But there is a reality that we must acknowledge – the sunrise doesn’t last. We can’t live in the sunrise. We can’t live in the “feeling” of new beginnings. But, we can enjoy them while they last. We can acknowledge our gratitude for having been there in the moment.

What would a day be like if the sun “came on” like alight bulb being switched on rather than “coming up” with such beauty? We would still have the day, we just wouldn’t have the sunrise to begin that day. If we didn’t have moments of new beginnings we would still have the to-do list of our day, our week, and our year, we just wouldn’t have the moment of beauty and inspiration and encouragement.

Yep. It is true. We cannot live in the sunrise. But, we can enjoy it while it’s there. I think God did a good job in making this night-to-day transition happen the way it does. Well done, and thank you.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “You can’t live in the sunrise

  1. When I see a sunrise it reminds me of the beauty of the day to come. A new day filled with possibilities and no mistakes, no missteps (so far).

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