Crunch Time

It has been a nutty season around our house – literally, a “nutty” season. It turns out that Oak trees have a tendency to over-produce acorns in a year following a drought. So, if you remember, last year was that really dry year. The trees produced very little. Most years they produce a good bit of acorns, nothing to write home about, but a good number. So, last year when there weren’t many we didn’t think much of it. This year has been quite different.

These days our experience has been different – even dangerous at times. Almost every day when I drive my truck into the driveway it takes less than ten seconds before I hear the familiar “ping” of an acorn bouncing off the roof or hood. The bed of my truck holds a treasure trove of acorns that have fallen from our trees.

And then there is the walk from the truck to the front door. This is what’s known as “crunch time”. Now, crunch time is usually a reference to a really busy, stressful time when things need to get done. It’s those times when you have to put your head down and plow forward. But, it now has a new meaning for me. “Crunch time” for me now refers to the sound of  the abundance that follows the drought. Every day as I walk to the front door I step on dozens of acorns – and it’s less than 30 feet of travel!

For a while it really bothered me (yeah, it drove me nuts). But, as I began to think about it I realized how much it reminds me of God’s grace and provision. The reality of life is that there are times when life is good – nothing to write home about, but good. Other times it feels as if the well is dry and there is no rain on the horizon. And yet, God is good. There will be seasons of abundance to come. It may feel dry right now, but “crunch time” is coming.

It takes faith to live in the dry times and believe there is a greater harvest coming in the future. To walk by faith is to live with joy even in the face of the drought. It means to rejoice even when there seems to be no reason to rejoice. That’s the crunch time before the “crunch time”. Yeah, it makes no sense based on what we see, but that’s how God operates sometimes. It’s nuts.

Holy high-five to you,


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