This is not the blog I was looking for…

This is not the blog I was looking for because this is not the blog I wrote. Well, it is the blog I wrote NOW, but it is not the blog I wrote originally. I had a whole other post completely written and then some glitch on the computer took away all but the first 3 lines. I took it as a sign – the blog post I wrote originally may just have been God’s way of helping me say to me what needed to be said. Now I am here wondering what I say to you. And, I sit here bummed because I used the word “elucidate” in my first post. That is a high dollar word right there.

Let me try this, let me give you what may be a low-dollar word but it has immense value – RESPONSE. Response is a great word for followers of Jesus Christ to hold on to. It is a word that denotes three things – a call, a listening ear, and active engagement with said call.

I find it so very easy to be a Christian and so very hard to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I find it easy to think of good things to do, but so often I do good things just so I can avoid doing what God would call me to do. It’s easy to find ways to fit some good works into our busy schedules, but it is hard to give up control of the calendar in order to truly do what we are called to do.

But here’s what I know. Just being a nice person and doing good things won’t bring me into a greater life of joy and peace. Being seen as someone who is kind and courteous and helpful isn’t a bad thing, but it is not enough to truly bring the presence of God into the lives of others.

“Why?” You ask? Well, because being kind and doing good doesn’t take much more than making a choice. Lots of people are kind and good – and many of them don’t follow Jesus. Being kind and good in and of itself doesn’t open us up and doesn’t allow the Spirit to work in us and through us. And it is the power of the Spirit at work that will change the lives of others. It is the power of the Spirit at work in us and through us that will change us.

The reality is that God is calling each one of us. If we have ears to hear and a willingness to respond, then we will see the coming of God’s Kingdom.

And that, my friends, is the blog you get, no matter what you were looking for.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “This is not the blog I was looking for…

  1. I’ll take it. As far as I’m concerned, it its the one that needed to be written!

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