I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

The end of the late worship service yesterday was one of those moments you treasure. The day had been good in many ways but the song at the end just put the cherry on the top. I had been waiting for that song all day.

Early that morning as I was putting my sermon slides into the schedule for the day and I saw the words to the song. I noticed that the verses each referred to one of the three stories I was including in my Mother’s Day message (told the stories of 3 mothers through whom God teaches us 3 lessons). I was mostly certain that there was no song already written that had those three people and just those three in the song. So, I was anxious to ask our worship leader about it.

When I saw Tommy later that morning he explained that he had written, or at least partially written the words to the song. The tune, he said, would be familiar so people would be able to sing it. And he was right.

So, I finished my message and with much anticipation I waited for the song to begin. Turns out the tune was a traditional hymn tune, the one used for “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”. And the words just highlighted the sermon message (really glad I did not change it from what I told Tommy it would be!). Best of all, I could hear the people singing along and it was just this profound moment. One I will treasure.

I am not my biggest fan when it comes to my sermons, so I am not here to tell you the message was awesome and expertly delivered. I can say that God was good to me and the message was a proper proclamation of God’s truth and a meaningful one for the most part. But what made the day was when God’s work with me in the sermon meshed with God’s work with Tommy in the song, which all mixed together into one grand moment as the congregation sang. God’s plan, God’s work made the day such a great day.

I love it when [God’s] plan come together. There’s nothing better.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

  1. Sharon Leonard

    I totally agree. Yesterday’s service was wonderful. From the “skit guys” to the “preacher guy” to the “song guy” it worked together spiritually and inspirationally. We are so blessed. I thank our Lord for the gifts he has given our congregation.

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