Now where did I put that blessing?

For United Methodist pastors (and maybe other pastors also), the period of time from the beginning of December on through the middle of January is non-stop. Advent, Christmas, New Year’s, orientation for new leaders, reports due to the Annual Conference, all make for busy times. Throw in a party for staff and leaders, a search for new staff members, and driving a child back and forth to college and it begins to make my head swim. As I sit in my office this morning it is easy to get overwhelmed by the work to be done and the short time in which I have to do it.

And then I remember. I remember yesterday when I was privileged to be in worship and experience the Spirit of God at work. We had a special time in the service when people were invited up for prayer and anointing. I did the anointing and there were four others who were the prayer partners. It was incredibly moving to see just the number of people who came forward. It was such a blessing to know that God was touching the hearts and lives of so many. That blessing was topped off by hearing how the prayer partners felt the Spirit of God at work as people poured out their hearts and genuinely sought the healing touch of God.

What a great blessing it is to be used by God and even just to watch God at work through others like those prayer partners. And yet, that blessing so quickly gets buried under the mountain of tasks I have before me. My mind is so easily occupied with my to-do list that the memory of that blessing gets lost in the shuffle. I have to remember to stop and dig it out. I have to stop when I feel overwhelmed and uncover that blessing that I seem to have forgotten.

Keeping the blessings of God fresh in our minds is important to surviving the day and the week and the month ahead. It is the reminder that God works in ways we can’t even imagine. It is a way to recall that the power of God to work in us and through us is immeasurable. It’s a way to say to the mountain of tasks before me – be gone and be thrown into the sea.

God is greater than the burden of my to-do list and my calendar. The blessing of a worship service reminds me just how true that is.

Holy high-five to you,


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