When Christmas is Tebow time

“They make me look better than I am”

That’s a quote by Tim Tebow, controversial quarterback of the Denver Broncos football team and a new inspiration for this pastor. I love how “Timmy”, as he is known to many,  lives with such humility and optimism. He always gives credit to Jesus first – acknowledging what disciples know, that without Jesus in us we wouldn’t know the life we know. Right after that, at least each time I have heard him, he gives credit to his teammates and coaches. One time he said, as quoted above, “They make me look better than I am.”

That is a great statement of humility that you could tell was a genuine statement and not just “Bull Durham” press quote. I was greatly impressed by his willingness to admit that he knows he has flaws and he appreciates the work of those around him.

That brings me to my thought for today. I serve in a church with staff and leaders who make me look better than I am. It happened several times yesterday. Without going into detail let me just say there was a major faux pas regarding one of the worship services. Had it not been for my assistant, Andrea, I would have been a basket case. I am so very grateful that she agreed to work on Sunday mornings last year. I am more grateful that she has such a willingness and drive to help right the ship. Then there was Ernie, the man who gently insisted on helping – and he did, and others were blessed because of it.

Then there was the joy of the evening activities. We had our Christmas Family Festival last night. So many did so much to make sure many others had a great time. My wife was one of those people – and the one person who does more to help me manage through life than anyone else (except for Jesus, of course). Jan spent the evening cooking and serving food – with much help from many others.

There was a Santa suit malfunction that was tended to; convincing Mary to ride the donkey in the Live Nativity play; getting kids and youth dressed up for their parts in the play; and setting up a sound system so all could truly enjoy the time. So many people gave time and energy to make things work. And I am thankful for them all.

When Tim Tebow says his coaches and teammates make him look better than he is, he doesn’t mean they’re trying to or that they should. He’s not saying the goal should be for him to look good. He’s simply saying that he is the beneficiary of many other people’s hard work and energy. Anyone who looks at him and thinks he did something good needs to look at those all around him.

That’s why it appeals to me so much. I’m not trying to say I do look good or should look good as I serve as Pastor. But, when people stop me to thank me for the evening, or for a worship service, and when they say how they appreciate me, I make sure they know it has more to do with the work of others than it has to do with me. I’m just the most visible and best known face in the crowd. Not exactly like the quarterback of an NFL team, but sort of like that.

Thanks to everyone who gives so much to share the love of Christ with our church and our community.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “When Christmas is Tebow time

  1. Thanks for sharing. God bless you. I wrote a piece on Tim a month ago: http://scottsholar.com/2011/11/18/not-ashamed-of-the-gospel/

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