Angels Among Us

“I don’t even belong in this class.”

That was the statement made by one of our younger children when I visited their Small Group on Sunday morning. I was invited to come to their class and “learn” about the story of Jesus’ birth. And I will say, those kids knew their stuff. Kaleb wasn’t too far from wrong — he could have been in one of the adult classes, along with his classmates who figured that’s where they should be (they changed their mind when they found out the adult classes don’t have a candy stash).

That visit to that class was just a reminder of the amazing, faithful leaders we have in our church. Our children are being steeped in the reality of life in and with Jesus Christ. There is nothing that will warm the hearts of the faithful adults than to know that the children are being given the foundation of life that is stronger than any thing the world could offer.

The Bible is filled with stories of angels. They are not usually magical figures or even guardians of human beings. Angels are messengers of God. They are the ones who bring word of God’s good news. It seems to me there are angels among us. Not just in our small groups, but in our children’s worship time – WOW Worship, as we call it. So many that are finding creative ways to bring the word of God’s good news to the children of our church.

To my Asbury folks I ask you to do me a favor – find one of those angels and give them a hug. They’re doing God’s work and doing it well.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “Angels Among Us

  1. I am from the Beaumont area and just fell upon your site by accident several months ago. I forwarded one of your blogs out to some friends and discovered a friend and former co-worker go to your church Brandy Harris. I still read your blogs and when one really hits home I forward it on. I really enjoy your writings and would attend if I didn’t live so far away. Have a blessed Christmast and New Year

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