My Sabbatical Beard

Well, it’s Wednesday morning and I am sitting in McDonalds drinking coffee and watching the world come alive around Nashville. It’s been good week so far as I have made my way across the country and camping as I go.

The most obvious difference about me Is my beard. I have let it grow since this sabbatical began. It serves as a reminder in a couple of ways.

It reminds me to forget about the day to day stuff and focus on the bigger picture of my relationship with God. And the more it itches, the more I am reminded!

It also reminds me that I am who I am. You see, I don’t grow beards very well. There are spots that don’t fill in, and those that do don’t do so too quickly. What takes me a week to grow takes others a day. But there’s not much I can do about that. I am who I am. No use trying to be something I’m not. As a matter of fact, God has made it clear that our imperfections are His doing (and he doesn’t see them as imperfections). God wants to use me in spite of what I se as my faults – and sometimes he uses thenfaults I have in ways I might never know.

I’m not planning to keep the beard after this month, but, as scraggly as I look, I am glad to have the reminder during this time away. God is good.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “My Sabbatical Beard

  1. I listened to an evangelist recently about asking God to prop you up where I’m leaning. He talked about an old barn that had started to list to one side and the farmer propped sturdy logs against the leaning side so it would not fall. It made me think about the friends God puts by our side that prop us up when we’re leaning to one side because of temptation or weakness. We never know when we will need a sturdy friend to prop us up or when we will be called to be that sturdy friend.

    We are who we are and acceptance is the key so that we can allow someone to prop us up.

    Your blogs are refreshing in that you share your shortcomings and ask for God’s help. Therefore, it is God’s glory that shines through as you become the overcomer. I realize growing a beard is not something we would have control over. I’ve been trying not to grow one for years:) But you also openly discuss other issues where you ask God’s help because of human shortcomings and I appreciate knowing that even you have struggles with faith at times.

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