The Lord is our rock and our salvation

Who you know is more important than what you know.

That may not be a good slogan for a politician to promote, but in the greater arena of faith it is a great truth to remember.

I am not fond of people using their family or political connections to give themselves an advantage over others. I’m not fond of manipulation and games that people play. I’d rather that the best person with the best gifts and abilities would get the job – Drum Major in the band, head cheerleader, bishop in the church, mayor, governor, president, manager, CEO. What they know should be more important than who they know.

But, there is one connection I’m glad to take advantage of. You see, I know the creator of the universe. I know the one who was before time and who has always been. I know the one who became flesh and lived among us, dying our death and being raised up to new life.

And, not only do I know him, but he likes me. This creator and redeemer of my soul is willing to help me get ahead in this world  (though maybe not in the way others see as “getting ahead”). He is willing to move mountains that stand in my way. He is willing to keep the rushing waters from sweeping me away when it feels like I might drown in my circumstance. He is the rock on which I stand.

So much is going on in the world right now. So many people looking for answers, and truth, and a way through to a better future. But the reality is that all of our human wisdom, the sum of all our knowledge, will not give us what He can. In our quest to find peace it is WHO we know and not WHAT we know that makes the difference.

Who is this? This is Jesus the Christ. The one through whom and in whom all things were made. The one who is truly God and took on human flesh. He died on the cross at the hands of sinful people (people much like us). He also was raised up to new life again and lives on today. Just as he conquered death he can conquer the turmoil of this world and bring us peace.

He is Jesus Christ the Lord – our rock to stand on in the storm and our salvation that carries us into a glorious future.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “The Lord is our rock and our salvation

  1. Amen Mike!

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