What does a call to ministry look like?

This picture made me smile. It also made me shake my head at the awesome power of the Holy Spirit at work in our midst. That picture shows what a call to ministry looks like. Well, it shows what a call to ministry looks like from the eyes of one who is called.

I would use the name of the person who took the picture – one of the subjects of my musing on this Monday, but the truth is, it could be anyone. The celebration is not just about how this person is living into their call to follow Jesus, it’s a celebration of the fact that Jesus calls us – each of us. And our call to ministry doesn’t always look the way others say it should, or even what WE think a call to ministry should like.

The story behind the picture is this: A young parent of a young child heard about our need for a Jr. High small group leader and decided to step forward (even though their child is much younger). I have no idea what their decision-making process was. I have no idea how they worked this out with God. All I know is they approached me one Sunday morning and told me they had talked to our youth director and small group leaders and they were now going to be the new leader of that group.

This person is taking a step of faith into a role they have never been in before. The good news is they are surrounded by other seasoned leaders and covered up in prayer. The best news is, Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will give us the words we need. This person has everything they need because they have the power of God in them. That’s what we can count on when we answer a call to ministry.

Now, I’m not sure this person would claim this as a call to ministry. They’re not a pastor, they’re not going off to a foreign land, they aren’t having to leave a job or their home. But that’s the point I’m hoping you’ll see. A call to ministry is not limited to those things. A call to ministry may look like a simple commitment to teach a class. It may not look like what you expect a call to look like. But, for the person taking this step of faith it certainly is. When you take a step into “an unknown land” where God has led you to serve others, and when you take that step having to trust God in the journey, that’s a call to ministry.

A call to ministry is not about the task, it’s about the relationship of the person to Jesus and their willingness to go where he leads them. And that looks different for each person.

Where is God calling you to serve in ministry to others?
What picture would you be taking?

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “What does a call to ministry look like?

  1. This was Great and I can relate to the story and where I’m Going with God
    This Story wook me up to it is easy to go or work with God It does not
    have to be a suit and tie it is whats inside that counts Thank You for this
    it gives me a whole to concept to where I’m going God Bless

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