Reflections from Summer Camp

I have the joy of sitting in the air conditioning working on graphics and videos for the 8th & 9th grade campers at Lakeview this week. As I write this there are others who are stacking chairs, some are with their youth in their cabins, and others are getting ready to host fun activities for the campers.

I don’t feel guilty for being inside in the cool, this is my job after all… But what I am so amazingly reminded of  some important truths. Here are just a few of the lessons learned:

It’s hot and even in a short walk across the camp you seat 7 gallons of water – so drink water constantly.

Someone almost stepped on a snake last night, so remember to be careful where you go and where you put your feet.

And mostly, none of this happens as well as it could if everyone does not contribute. Some are great with the youth. Others are crazy and energetic and keep things lively. Some are organizational experts and make the unwieldy crowds manageable. It takes all of us together to make it work.

It’s just true in so many places in our lives. But, I dare say it is more significantly true for us in the church. When we give ourselves to the work of God’s Kingdom the synergy is far greater. Not only do we join with each other but we join with the very Spirit of God – and that’s powerful.

I am expecting to see God touch hearts and transforms lives this week. I can’t wait to tell you how it went. Until then…

Holy high-five to you,


4 responses to “Reflections from Summer Camp

  1. I am so enthralled by the young people in our church. I have a deep passion and feel drawn to helping them expand their fingertips to the very hand that God extends to them. I’m still working on my baby steps. I pray for God’s guidance each day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda Hellyer

    Awesome insight..God is Good and even greater when we give him the chance!! I think when we are given the chance to do Gods work on a large scale such as church camp with youth, it truly makes an impact on their lives, I am reminded constantly however when I am tired and the pool is full and the side field has ten boys playing football.. everyone is running in and out it’s chaotic to say the least. I think God gives me a great opportunity every day to show his love on a small scale. Sooo, we installed a drinking fountain outside. Greater is he that is in me!! Have Fun

  3. Nancy Hinshaw

    I have four grandchldren in camp this week and am so grateful to all those who are working with our youth in such a unique environment. Thanks for being one of those leaders.

  4. Just now getting to read this as I was in 6th & 7th grade camp … and have to say again that it was a GREAT week! Sleep deprivation & hot, but an awesome week nevertheless. I wish other adults would take advantage and come as counselors…they don’t know what they are missing! I definitely feel God’s presence here, and love to see the kids experience God’s presence too…some for the first time..

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