Our God is Faithful

I have to share this with you because I am reminded of God’s faithfulness.

The other day our Financial Secretary came in to my office. She informed me that we were short of funds in the bank and did not have enough money to cover payroll. Not the best words to hear at the end of the month. I listened and learned we were a good bit short, but not extremely. I thanked her for letting me know and told her I would get back with her. I found myself back in my office, strangely calm. I sat down and opened myself up to prayer. I acknowledged the goodness of God and reiterated my trust in God and I listened.

Now, for those who don’t know, we committed to tithing our giving this year. 10% of our giving goes beyond our walls – first to the work of the church through apportionments (United Methodists formulation that allows for each local church to contribute equitably to the work of the global church). If those commitments get paid off, then we will decide where the other monies go. This is a real step of faith for a church who had never made these payments on a monthly basis.

Any way, I was praying, and thinking about whether or not we would have to divert some of that 10%. But then God gave me a word. Just one – WAIT. It was not yet the last day of the month. There were still 2 mail deliveries that would come before paychecks needed to go out, so we could wait. Having heard God’s command, I went back and explained to our Financial Secretary what God said.

The next day the this staff member came back into my office. Between the checks we had and the checks we had received we had enough to cover payroll, with just a tad left over. Do I wish God had sent more? Yes. Do I hope we can increase our generosity so we can do more in ministry? Yes. But God has not yet chosen to do that, or we have not yet chosen to respond.

This is what I can tell you, OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL. The prayer we were taught to pray is “give us this day our daily bread,” and God does. We don’t have to worry about what we eat or what we wear, if we seek first the Kingdom of God, what we need will be added to us. This I know to be true.

Now, does it mean our giving doesn’t matter? Absolutely not. Those checks we got did not come from God’s account. God will use us to show himself to us and to others. So I say to you and to all those God would call us to serve – fear not, our God is faithful.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “Our God is Faithful

  1. I believe completely in God’s intervention when we are given a task. I am so glad that Asbury has committed to a tithe for apportionments. It makes me believe that we are committing beyond ourselves to helping others first. In putting others first, I believe God will support our efforts.

    I made a comment at the airport during a discussion about what a small world we live in to another lady that knew someone Jack grew up with. The conversation turned to incidents in her life where there was uncanny circumstances where she was put in a position to help someone. We discussed intervention and how we could not exist without it.

    I always love to hear stories where God’s hand was obviously at work. As she was talking she rubbed her arm and said “it still gives me chill bumps”. God is so awesome.

    Thanks for a feel good moment and knowing that Asbury looks beyond it’s own walls into the core of need that surrounds us.

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