Discipleship leads to discomfort

I love Psalm 23. It is a grand reminder that God sees us through tough times. It says things like “Even though I walk through the valley of death, you are with me.” Great words of hope. At the end. But don’t miss the beginning where you are walking through a valley of death. That doesn’t sound comfortable.

We all have moments in life that feel like a tough valley, a death valley. What we may not always consider when we agree to be followers of Jesus Christ is that he actually leads his followers into such places. When he was here he walked into the places where the powerful people threw around their weight and he made a better impression than they did. He riled up the powers-that-be and put himself squarely in their sights. He rode into Jerusalem like a conquering King in order to make a point about God’s Kingdom coming into its greater reality. And he will ask his followers to do the same.

Discipleship leads to discomfort.

The flip-side to that truth is that if we’re not feeling stretched, if we’re not being pushed beyond our comfort zone, are we truly growing and developing as disciples of Jesus? In the physical fitness realm the saying is “no pain, no gain”. The same could probably be said for the spiritual realm.

The followers of Jesus are asked to rely on the power of the Spirit, which implicitly means going places you wouldn’t go and doing things you wouldn’t think to do. It means fishermen become church leaders. It means tax collectors become evangelists. It means scientists become missionaries, Administrative Assistants become Bible teachers, and insurance salesman become advocates for feeding the hungry.

Discipleship leads to discomfort. So, if you feel like you want to do something but don’t feel comfortable about actually doing it, it may just be God’s way of growing you up. It may just be God’s way of transforming you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus. You may just find it to be the most amazing time of your life as the Holy Spirit works in you and through you in ways you never thought possible.

Discipleship leads to discomfort, but that in turn may just lead you to a new experience of God.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable?
Are you ready to take a new step as you follow Jesus?

Holy high-five to you,


3 responses to “Discipleship leads to discomfort

  1. Thank you Mike. I feel like this blog was written for me. I am really getting out of my comfort zone, but I know I will this will help me grow in my christianity.

  2. I don’t feel worthy of many of the things I am called to do. I have never studied poetry, yet the poetry I’ve written touches others. I am so totally aware of God’s presence in my life because of the things He has put in my mind and given me the tools and material to complete the tasks. I am totally uncomfortable with taking the lead in Bible study because I only came to God a short time ago. I feel so blessed to have the acceptance at Asbury that I have received through my transition from no knowledge to a church wide study reading the Bible through in a year (it took our group a year and a half) and the discussion associated with that task.

  3. I do have some organizational skills that might prove useful to Asbury with areas like registration for VBS. I don’t mind tackling a job where I can contribute so keep me in mind if something comes up.

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