Stepping into the darkness

The only way to be a light that matters is to be a light in the midst of darkness. No one needs a flashlight when the sun is shining.

Today is Maundy Thursday – “Maundy” being a reference to the new commandment – “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34). It is the day prior to the crucifixion. Jesus knows what he is about to face. He knows the darkness he is about to step into…

Jesus will step into the darkness of death and into death he will bring light and life. But step into the darkness he must.

Before he goes he instructs his friends – “love one another as I have loved you”. Be light in the darkness. Step into the difficult places where evil, anger, abuse, neglect, greed, pain, and suffering overwhelm the lives of those whom God created. Take light into the darkness. Face it with courage and know that the power to overcome such things is not your own. You have within you the light of Christ and the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Jesus faced the darkness with courage – a willingness to step into it even though the cost to himself would be great. May the Christ who lives in us make us courageous as well.

Holy high-five to you,


3 responses to “Stepping into the darkness

  1. Mike,
    I found your site today and must say I like your style and the way you present
    Jesus I always wanted to have more writing skills. I was in the prison ministry for several years and seen the Holy Spirit at work it sure was’nt due to my teaching eventhough I would pray for hours before going into the various prisons. It did prove Gods Word Works and that Jesus was there in many subtle ways.
    God Bless You

    • Thank you Bob, glad you happened by. Feel free to subscribe if you’d like to get updates via email as soon as there is a new post. Like you, the fact that my work touches anyone or helps them on their journey is an act of the Holy Spirit. I simply seek to write truthfully knowing that God is found in truth. I praise God for the life I have found in Jesus and I love finding ways to share that.

      Peace to you,

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