I LOVE Working for God

I have a story to tell. Once again, I have a story to tell about how God is at work in the midst of our work. Better yet, a story of how the Spirit of God is working in us and through us in ways we don’t even realize!

Here’s the quick and simple of what happened. I was approached by one of our leaders about an idea they had been asked about – planting a garden at the church so people could grow fresh vegetables. It was a nice idea, but having a garden at the church for us to grow food was not really part of the vision of God we have discerned for Asbury. So, in our conversation we talked about how we could take that idea and tweak it to get it more in line with God’s vision.

The idea? Plant a garden out in the community where we can work with others to grow vegetables and use the garden to help others and build relationships. Maybe we could even work with a local women’s home or shelter and plant a garden with them there. It sounded like a good idea, and it is certainly in line with our vision. We believe God wants us to impact our community with the hands-on love of Jesus.

Now, back up a few months to a time when we had a Leadership Forum and ended up with leftover food from dinner. The person with the idea for the garden had wanted to take the leftover food somewhere so it did not go to waste. Another person suggested a local shelter for women in recovery. So, they went there and gave them the food and began forming a relationship with them.

Back to the first story – the garden idea was taken to the women’s shelter to see if they might be interested in us working with them.

Once again, go back a few days. One of the women who manages the shelter said to the director – “You know what we need? We need a garden to grow some fresh vegetables”. Two days later some people from Asbury went to see them and said, “Hey, would you be interested in having us come and plant and work on a garden with you?”

I stand amazed in the presence of the God who put all of that together, who poured His Spirit into earthen but willing vessels, and made something happen that we can only attribute to Him.

When we are faithful, God works in us and through us. I love working for God.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “I LOVE Working for God

  1. I heard that a Sunday School class is going to plant a garden at NEW
    HOPE. It is a recovery house for alcoholic women, which I was apart
    of the opening about 20 years ago. The only funding is from the AA
    meetings, so there are needs there for sure. Many women have been
    helped there, so the garden is a very good project. Lu

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