I Got Carried Away

Yesterday, Sunday, I got a little carried away. Actually, I got a LOT carried away (is that even close to proper English?). Now, for those who know me, getting carried away means I went a little too far with some smart-aleck comment or situation I thought was funny. But, thankfully, that was not the case.

It happened during worship. Unplanned. Unrehearsed. Unexpected. I invited people to pray as we were about to take up the offering. As I bowed my own head I found myself transported and I was suddenly before the throne of God. Doing as I believe the Spirit wanted me to, I invited others to imagine themselves before God’s throne. I encouraged them to see themselves laying their offering before the throne of God. I cannot say what it meant to anyone else, all I know is I got carried away.

An interesting addition to this story is a couple of weeks ago when I was in prayer early in the morning on Sunday. I was at the church kneeling in our newly established prayer room. As I prayed, I was, as yesterday, carried away. I was transported from that room and found myself as one of many kneeling before the throne of God. It was amazing to look around and see other believers kneeling and praying before the presence of the Most Holy God who loves us. It was an amazing moment.

I don’t tell you these things to impress you. I am not “special” in any way that would deem me more worthy than anyone else. I am a sinner who lives under the umbrella of grace that comes through Jesus Christ. And yet, God carried me away and let me experience the glory of being before His throne.

The more I have been willing to engage with God and believe in this very real presence of God with me and Christ in me, the more I give myself to God, the more He seems to reveal himself to me.

I tell you all of this for one reason – I pray you too will know this experience in your life. I pray that you will open yourself up to the power of God to carry you away. And the reason I hope that is because when you find yourself back in the “real world” (and I use that term loosely), when you find yourself in the every day times of life, those carried away moments will carry you forward. I am grateful to God for every time He reveals himself and every way he does that. I know you will be as well.

So, have you knelt down to pray today? Have you allowed the Spirit of God to move in you? Have you closed your eyes and given yourself to God?

When you do, I’d love to hear what happens.

Holy high-five to you,


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