Listen. Go. Rejoice.

(A continuation of sorts to my last post. This article is going out in our newsletter this week. I thought I would share it with the blogosphere as well. Can you tell where my heart, mind, and soul are these days?)

A voice, carried by the wind, called out to me. I knew it was God whispering to me. And I heard him say what I knew within me was the next right thing for me to do…

Imagine that is you. Imagine God is whispering in your ear and asking you to join him in His  Kingdom work – proclaiming good news of great joy to the world… giving sight to the blind… healing the lame and seeing them walk… befriending the immigrant in your community… leading a mission team to drill water wells and teach VBS to children in Africa… teaching others truth and helping to equip them for their task in the Kingdom… organizing a social network of elderly friends for companionship and fun and learning… mentoring a child or teenager by  inviting them in to your life and becoming part of theirs…

What would you add to the list of possible things God might ask you to do?
Now, which one IS God asking you to do?

The truth is this – if you are still here, God wants to use you to help bring to fullness the purpose of His Kingdom. If you are not dead to this world you are still alive – in Christ –  and called to do great things. As a follower of  Jesus, one who believes in and trusts him, you are the recipient of God’s greatest gift – the Holy Spirit. It is the same Spirit that empowered the disciples at Pentecost; the same Spirit that made it possible for fishermen to be preachers and tax-collectors to teach other disciples; the same Spirit that worked through Peter and John when they went up to the Temple and saw a man who was lame crying out – “Silver and gold I do not have,” Peter said, “But what I have I give to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk.” And he did.

The Spirit of God in you, longs to take you to new places and wants to use you to do amazing things. Yes. You. You are a follower of Jesus Christ who was meant to serve God’s purpose in the world. Listen. Go. Rejoice.

Hoy high-five to you,


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