I am a techno-enthusiast. I like technological gadgets and I like to find ways to use them. I love having a blog like this to share thoughts. I like Twitter where people I follow “tweet” links to interesting and helpful articles and resources. I like Facebook and wishing far-flung friends a quick happy birthday. But, as in everything, balance is important.

I was walking by the front door of our church today as a dad walked his two children into the Day School. In his ear was a Bluetooth hands-free cell phone device, and in his hand was an iPhone or Droid or some other technological marvel I drool over. They came in the door and the kids ran down the hall. Dad was moving slowly as he did something on his phone. Don’t know if it was a text, email, website thing, or what, but I did take note of how he seemed oblivious to his kids at the moment.

To be fair, the kids did not seem neglected, and I have no idea what the man was doing. Also, I am not one who has any right to throw a stone as I have been just as guilty. There have been times when I was sitting in my car at a red light looking at something on my phone while my daughter sat in the seat next to me. I was a bit oblivious to my child at that moment.

If I was a betting man, I would bet that God nudged me to see that man and how detached he seemed from his children’s life. God seemed to be asking me to look at my own sense of balance regarding my use of technology. We (and by “we” I mean me) really must be careful and take all things in moderation. That’s what I heard God reminding me this morning. So, consider this not only my confession, but my permission for any of you to call me on it when you see me being “detached” by technology.

What about you – do you find technology helpful in making connections?
Do you find yourself going too far sometimes and instead of making connections you are becoming more detached?
How do you find a techno-balance in your life?

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “Techno-balance

  1. I see this happening every day at work. After parents have been away from their children for, in some cases, ten hours they pick them up talking on the phone. As they are leaving the facility they are still on the phone and drive away still talking!! Our children need to know they are the first priority. They need to see and feel the joy their parents have when they pick them up after a long day of being apart. We only get one shot at our children’s childhood, don’t squander that time. As a parent of three adults, this time with your young children is so short and fleeting. Recognize that your relationship with your loved ones should be the priority, not your relationship with your technology.

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