Your Impact is Greater Than You Think

What can a long list of names teach us about God?

The Lord led me to read 1 Chronicles chapter 8 this morning. In many ways it’s like reading the phone book. Just a list of names – descendants of Benjamin. I had decided today to ask God what I should read.  When I had a sense it was 1 Chronicles 8 I should read, I turned to it (actually I typed it in and read it online). Looking at the list of names I thought for sure I had gotten it wrong.

But, I didn’t get it wrong. The Lord gave me these insights:

  • The future is beyond my control except by what I do in the present. My influence on the next generation (and the potential grandkid generation after that) is the way I can most powerfully impact the future. My children and grandchildren have a greater chance do amazing things with and for God. If I live a faithful and obedient life before them, then I have a chance to help make that a greater possibility.
  • The size and scope of my influence goes far beyond the family and friends I may see in my lifetime. It’s the commonly used idea of seed-planting. How God uses me to influence someone, to influence my children, may be a seed that continues to grow and bear fruit for generations to come. I can impact my great-great-great-grandchildren, even if they don’t know it was me.
  • I can smile now at the accomplishments of future generations. In verse 40 of that chapter it says this: “The sons of Ulam were brave warriors who could handle the bow…” Just a brief reference of a noteworthy truth, but in that comment God showed me a new truth. I can look ahead with joy knowing good things can be said about my descendants. It’s not a sure thing, but there’s no reason not to imagine it to be true, and to smile about it. That is a new sense of joy for me.

What about you? How do you see yourself influencing the future? Can you see the way God wants to use you in the present to impact the future? What gives you a sense of joy as you look ahead and imagine?

Holy high-five to you,


2 responses to “Your Impact is Greater Than You Think

  1. I listened to an evangelist recently that spoke about the sins of the father being a curse on the children. It was explained that those that hold resentment, pregidous and hate in their heart pass that same curse along to their children. Your blog made me recognize the other half of that scripture. If you hold love, forgiveness and caring in your heart then you pass on a blessing to your children.

    I started hearing the verses to a new poem a couple of days ago. It began If He’s in your heart, He’s in your hands; Lending them out to do what He can. It gave new meaning to doing things for the Glory of God because its simply Him reaching out through my hands. When I see a need, He sees it through my eyes. When I feel someones pain, His heart is aching and when I feel joy, He is smiling. I hope He’ll help me finish the poem.

  2. I was always so involved in my kids growing up with the church through Sunday School, and VBS, and youth…and now have the chance to be involved in my grandkids’ experience also. I love that! My granddaughter will come up with some of the neatest things to say about her beliefs…it amazes me. I know she gets some of it from her parents, and from me and the church…but some of it I don’t know where she gets it. The expression “Faith of a Child” is something we all need to have.

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