The Last Day to the First Day

I did not post anything on my blog yet this week. It was a post-Christmas yet still Christmas week and I was alternately lazy and busy (the former somewhat due to the latter). But, I thought it would be nice to make one last post on this last day of 2010. That alone is hard to fathom, Y2K was just last year wasn’t it?

I find it interesting and curious how enamored we are with this arbitrary date on the calendar. Honestly, this Friday night will find the universe in much the same condition as last Friday night. And Saturday morning will be mostly consistent with previous ones – sky blue, clouds gray, grass a nice off-yellow. It’s just another day and another night that  leads into another day.

And yet, this day that leads into this night, that moves us into a new year, becomes a time of hope for things to be different. Mostly we take time to think about how we can be better and improve our quality of living – lose weight, find a new job, get organized, stop smoking, etc. There are also hopes that our situations and our health and the people around us will be more tolerable, but mostly we think about our own way of life.

Funny how we make those examinations of our soul and our behaviors on an arbitrary day that simply calls for the change of calendar. We could engage in the same self-reflection on any day, and we probably should.

But, then I think to myself, isn’t it nice to have this arbitrary day? Isn’t it nice that we’re given this artificial line in the sands of time that call us to look at who we are and what we do and how we might be and do better? If it wasn’t for the need to change calendars some of us may never look within.

So, enjoy the last day on this side of this decade. Give your calendar a grand send off. Consider where you got things right in the past year and think about how you can get other things more right in the year ahead. It’s an arbitrary day, no doubt, but it’s as good a day as any.

Holy high-five to you,


4 responses to “The Last Day to the First Day

  1. Just an ordinary day but New Beginnings and New Hopes.

  2. It’s always good to have a time for endings…and new beginnings. Looking forward to the next decade…

  3. I really enjoy your blogs, and this year I have made a decision to have one for our school m ore regularly. I started it years ago, but only posted once a 9 weeks. I am inspired to post more frequently.

    BTW – We spent New Year’s Eve in West Texas in the great big middle of a burn ban so no fire works were allowed. Instead we searched for constellations and planets. In a God wink, we were all staring at Orion’s belt, all 11 of us, and a shooting star flew through it. God waved at us. What a nice beginning to the new year!
    See you tomorrow.

  4. Holy High Fives… that concept Mike and thank you for your words!

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