Small is the New Christmas Big

There’s a commercial out these days that caught my attention. I hear it on the radio and see it on TV. The commercial takes you through images and examples of Christmas presents that are okay – like a CD of Caribbean music, and Christmas presents that are really big – like a Caribbean cruise. The tag line is, “No one ever wished for a smaller Christmas gift.”

I take an exception with this commercial and the tag line. In the past few years I have found myself wishing for smaller Christmas gifts. It’s not something that I discovered on my own, others before me have gone down this road.  And, I see more and more people and families going down this path as well. Many people are deciding that we don’t need gifts given to us, we’d really rather see the money spent to help others in need.

In both my family and Jan’s family we give gifts to the children (because we enjoy that as much as they do), but we don’t give to each other as adults. We share the time, we sing the songs, we attend church services and enjoy the holiday – but we’re fine with smaller gifts for us that allow us to give bigger gifts to others.

In other families I have heard that they choose a particular organization or need each year and they all contribute to that. Others choose their own favorite and give to that. Still others have combined the giving to others with giving to each other by choosing to give to another family member’s preferred cause or organization.

A funny thing is happening. We’re avoiding the stores. We’re freeing up more time in our holiday schedules. We’re enjoying the season and the celebration more than ever. It seems to be the best gift we’ve ever given to each other – and yet it is also the best gift we’ve given to others beyond our own circle of friends and family. Our Christmas has gotten bigger and better as our physical gifts to each other have gotten smaller and simpler.

Here’s hoping for “smaller” gifts and a bigger Christmas.

Holy high-five to you,


3 responses to “Small is the New Christmas Big

  1. I love this blog entry. What a powerful message. I do consider
    you and your family a gift our church! I appreciate you all
    more than you know! Lisa Deen

  2. My boss is giving $50 to the charity of our choice for Christmas.

  3. This is great! And I find it so much more rewarding than searching for a gift that maybe someone will want or does not have.

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