Thrill Ride

It has been a crazy, wonderful week heading into a time of family vacation. It reminds me of riding a thrill ride in an amusement park. Lots of twists and turns – climbing slowly at times and then rushing downhill at record speeds with the wind blowing in what’s left of my hair!

Last night I watched with great joy as numbers of people converged upon the church. Leaders came for our annual meeting. There we met others from other area churches and talked about the ways God is doing great things in us and around us. What excitement and energy there is for God’s Kingdom work. It won’t be easy and yet so many are willing to step out of the boat!

Today the ride is reaching that plateau and pulling into the platform. Our family is taking time to get away. A quiet week spent in a cabin on the river. We’ll have our traditional Thanksgiving grilled steak dinner on Thursday. We’ll play some games and relax.

When we get back we start the climb again and head into Advent. but for now, we’ll catch our breath and enjoy the calm. I hope you will as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

Holy high-five to you,


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