Well is Deep but My Bucket has Holes

I’ve been on Facebook today – I am pretty much everyday (it lets this introvert socialize more than he used to). On Facebook today I saw things posted like, “Hakuna Matata” (no worries) and “Go take Monday by the horns… no whining”. But honestly, I just don’t feel it. There are days when I just can’t get myself to that place. Today seems to be one of those days.

As I tried to put my finger on what my issue was I first thought “the well is dry”. But, that can’t be true – I follow the one who is the Living Water. When Jesus is the Lord and Leader of your life the well is never dry. Living water is always there to be had. So, if the well is deep with living water why do I struggle some days? Why does my soul seem dry? Why do I feel like I’ve got nothing – the tank is empty? And then I realized – the well is deep but my bucket has holes.

The nature of my human struggle is that the living water must be constantly refilling my bucket. Yesterday was a great day of worship and fellowship and Bible study. But today is another day and my worries about the week ahead, my concerns over what needs to be done are like holes in my bucket that easily drain that life from me. I can’t fix that myself, it’s who I am. And God knows that. The answer he tells me is to allow Him to keep filling my bucket. My human insecurities and struggles will never be able to empty the bucket faster than God can fill it.

The point is this – every day we must bring ourselves to God and let Him fill our bucket. Don’t get so caught up in bemoaning the holes, don’t spend your time trying to fix them, spend your time with God getting filled up. When we do that, we hardly even notice the holes.

Holy high-five to you,


One response to “Well is Deep but My Bucket has Holes

  1. I so needed to read this! Thank you!

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