Praying for Chaos

I’m not sure how many people in our church notice, but each Sunday morning before our later service I join the band members as they circle up to pray. Our worship leader, Matt, leads us in a prayer over the service, the equipment, the hearts of the people, and, over me and my message, which I greatly appreciate. Yesterday he added an interesting twist.

I should preface all this by mentioning that God is doing some amazing things in and through the people of Asbury. Lots of families coming to connect with God and seek a closer relationship with Jesus. Lots’ of ministry happening – lots of it I only find out about after the fact! Couple all of that with the fact that from the front door of our church we can see the beginning of a major road reconstruction and the finishing work on a new apartment complex and you have what can only be called – CHAOS.

SO, now back to the time of prayer on this past Sunday morning. Worship leader, Matt, prays for what? Peace? Strength? Order? No. He prays for more chaos.

Matt understands that the movement of the Spirit in your midst doesn’t mean things go smoothly. When God is at work around us it often stirs things up and things get messy. But the point is that God is in the messy. God hovers over the chaos and creates something new. So, when the Spirit is at work in the church, and in us as people, it doesn’t mean life is going to be easy and smooth.

But, on the flip side, in those times we need not be shaken, our spirit need not be anxious. When all around us is chaotic we can stand firm and steady. We can stand strong and we can be confident that God is in control and God will bring forth new things in our midst.

So, Matt prayed for more chaos. Matt prayed that the Spirit would deem us worthy and faithful enough to be at work in our midst and bring forth something new. It’s a great adventure and an amazing experience to sit on the front row when God is at work.

Are you feeling the chaos? Are you willing to trust that God has the power to create something new and beautiful out of what seems messy and unsettled?

Choose to trust God to do a beautiful thing in your life – it’s what God does so well and so often.

Holy high-five to you, Mike


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