New Chapters

I’m still living in this time of “my children are growing up too fast” as we begin a new school year (just earlier this week I made a similar reference I’m about to make).

Last night my wife, Jan, and I spent the better part of two hours wandering around a high school campus. Our daughter, Rebecca, starts her freshman year on Monday. It was a bittersweet moment for all of us. We’re very proud of who Rebecca is becoming – the number of people who called out her name in the hall just made me realize how good she is at making others feel liked and loved – but, at the same time, she seems to be growing up far too quickly.

For Rebecca I think it was both an exciting time and yet daunting in regard to the size of the school she would be dealing with this year (about 1,000 students). She did a great job of finding her way and meeting new teachers, but that unknown of what the daily routine might be is understandably nerve-wracking.

Many of us are beginning new chapters in our lives right now and I am reminded of the story of the spies sent into the promised land (Numbers 13). Twelve spies went in and found the land to be flowing with milk and honey as God said it would be. Ten of them, though, believed going into that land was too hard and too risky. Two others believed that God was good to His word and would make it possible for them to take the land as He promised. The same landscape was seen by all twelve – the difference in their perspective on the future was the difference between faith and fear.

As you enter into the next chapter of your life some things may seem daunting and time may be moving a bit too fast, but God is calling you into His future – how will you respond, with faith or with fear? I hope I’m one of the two and not the ten – I hope you are also.

Holy high-five to you, Mike


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