Doing a New Thing

I have decided to swim a little bit further into the deep end of this blogging pool. Instead of just posting on Mondays I will be posting a few times during the week. I don’t know how often it will be, but it will be more than once. I also expect that some of my entries will be shorter.

My hope in this is to spur on some conversations about faith and life. Too often they are disconnected topics. The economy is struggling – how does that speak to our relationship with God? A mosque is being proposed at the site of the World Trade Centers – what do we do with that as Christians who offer grace and yet are stirred by the brazen actions of those who deny the truth of Jesus Christ? How does our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ impact the turmoil in our workplace or even in our homes? Or how does it not?

Where do you find that disconnect in your life? Where in your life is God trying to get a foothold so he can speak truth into the struggle? Where in your life are you most determined to make things happen and not rely on God’s grace and power?

Where do you struggle to allow the truth of God’s grace and love and forgiveness to move in you or give you a new perspective?

I hope you will take time to join me in the conversations. The best way to know when a new entry has been posted is to go to the subscription box on the right side of the page. Subscribing to the blog will provide you with an email notification whenever another entry is posted.

Holy high-five to you, Mike


4 responses to “Doing a New Thing

  1. Mike,
    In regards to the NYC situation I personally can not fathom how victims of 9/11 nor those who desire to build feel in regards to this current issue. But I am compelled by Jesus’ words that as a Christ-follower I am called not only to love but to pray as well for those I would consider enemies. I am not sure that all those who follow the teachings of the prophet are clearly my “enemies” — individuals in my neighborhood who clearly love this country and the freedoms that are given by being a citizen but also who are devoted to their religion would certainly not fall into that category. Yet there are others who are clearly devoted to the destruction of not only the way of freedom but also our way of life as well. To love and pray for them is a much more difficult path — but “the way” was never to be easy to begin with. Just my humble thoughts given in a attitude of hope and grace.

    • Jon – I would tend to agree with you. Those who believe differently are not my enemies for that reason. They may fall into the category of being “lost”, not fully reconciled to God – and for that reason I must also pray for them. The challenge for me is in the sharing of the good news in such instances.

  2. The NYC situation is really frustrating to me because aside from any religious differences, it should be a monument, a memorial for the people who lost their lives. The Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, WWII, Lincoln, Jefferson, etc. – ANY memorial serves to preserve the acts of important people who were both influential and sacrificial in serving their country. I think it is a HUGE insult to everyone involved to go and make Ground Zero a mosque, Christian or not.
    At the same time, I do not believe Muslims are enemies at all. It’s similar to how CS Lewis describes the word “Christian” – we cannot say whether someone is Christian or not by their acts, a Christian is defined by their belief in Christ’s resurrection; however we can say whether someone is good or bad at behaving according to Christ. In the same way, someone can be a “bad” Muslim because they do not follow the peaceful ideals of their religion – I would consider these people “enemies” because they desire to do harm to others, yet they are all the more lost and I feel that much more compassion for them.
    I’m sure you know this already, but we’re in the middle of Ramadan, and the group I’m a part of on campus is praying for the Muslim community according to a booklet that gives a lot of really helpful information about all the different Muslim populations around the world. Here’s the website, if you’re interested:

    • Desiree – thanks for the comment. It’s a tough issue for those called to live by grace and yet also proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ. I do want to clarify something – they are not building ON Ground Zero, they are building NEAR Ground Zero. The plans for the actual site of G/Z have not yet been decided. There is still talk of rebuilding a tower of some sort. I love that you are praying – that’s also our call. It’s also a good way to give God an opportunity to use us in the lives of others however He sees fit.

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