Live now. Live well.

There are watercolor ponies
On my refrigerator door
And the shape of something
I don’t really recognize
Drawn by careful little fingers
And put proudly on display…

…Oh, the pleasure of watching
The children growing
Is mixed with a bitter cup
Of knowing the watercolor ponies
Will one day ride away

Those are a selection of lyrics from a song by Wayne Watson released back in 1987. Back when I first heard the song my relationship with Jan was barely started and our children were a distant and barely considered thought. Fast-forward to this morning. My son, Andrew, and I were talking about his class schedule for this year – his senior year. Now flip back to yesterday when my daughter, Rebecca, was wearing her class of 2014 shirt – she will soon begin her freshman year of high school. It’s all an emotional reminder of the fleeting existence we all face. Once a moment is gone, it’s gone.

I’m simply reminded that living in this day is so very important. You can’t spend your day worrying about the future. You can’t spend your day simply waiting for a future moment you long for. You have this day. You have this moment. Tomorrow will come soon enough – or in the case of my children growing up, tomorrow will come sooner than you want. Don’t miss the blessings of the day. Don’t miss the interaction of the moment. It all adds to your life. God works to bring you joy and hope and love even in the toughest times.

What will today bring for you? Are you ready to see God at work around you and in you? Or, are you lamenting the loss of days gone by? Are you distracted in your longing for days to come?

You have this day. You have this moment. Live now. Live well.

Holy high-five to you, Mike


4 responses to “Live now. Live well.

  1. I am learning to take each day as it comes and not worry about what might be. Thanks for the words of reminder.

  2. What a wonderful post today. I always look forward to these so much. I appreciate the reminder to enjoy the moment. I waste so much time worrying about the future, I often miss the joy of the present.

  3. I agree with one day at a time–let not the regrets of yesterday or the fears
    of tomorow ruin the only day we have which is today,

  4. yesterday is history, tomorrow is not here so god gives us this day that is why its called the present, yours in christ Gene

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