What I Learned at Camp

I know I haven’t posted Monday musings in a while – a truly busy summer of camping, missioning, etc. It was all good, but it is also good to be back home. I learned a variety of lessons over the summer, but this past week at a Jr. High Mission camp I learned something new about an old, old story.

The story for the Big House mission camp was Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on the water. I know the story well, but I got a new perspective on Friday night.

A young man named Jimmy brought the message at our evening worship. He talked about the courage of Peter as he stepped out of the boat. But, he explained that stepping out of the boat wasn’t the most significant act. Peter did get out of the boat, but he didn’t stay there. He could have held on to the side of the boat, but he didn’t. Peter not only got out of the boat, he WALKED.

Peter walked ON THE WATER! Who does that? Lots of people get out of boats, even in a storm – nothing new in that. But Peter then walks on the water like it’s a natural thing to do. That’s the amazing part. Jimmy reminded us that it’s the walking that brings the adventure. It’s the walking that allows us to experience God like never before. I never really thought about that.

The next night I was privileged to talk about the part of the story where Jesus saves a sinking Peter, but that’s another subject. My question for me and you is this: Are you ready to not just step out of your boat – your comfort zone – but are you also ready to walk like you never knew you could? Peter knows it can be done. Keep your eyes on Christ and you can do all things because he gives you strength and power.

So, what do you say, shall we walk?

Holy high-five to you, Mike


3 responses to “What I Learned at Camp

  1. Complete trust in the Lord is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. I seem to stagnate and then I find my boat has developed a leak and the only thing left is to trust in the Lord. God allows you to try your boat but there comes a time when you need to grow in order to help yourself and others and the only way to reach that end is to get out of the boat and walk on water.

    Too many times in my life I have waited until the boat dissentigrated and hanging on to the side just was not an option for survival.

  2. Impossible is not an option! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is one of my favorite stories. It matches with the prodigal son, the bread and fish . . . All we have to do is take the first step, say, “Okay, I’m trusting you even though it seems crazy that I could walk on water/ walk over a burned bridge/ feed thousands with little food. But I’m giving you what I’ve got.” And then God takes it and works miracles. It’s a beautiful, amazing, comforting thing.

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