Igniting Your Passion

He had been fishing for a few years but never really had the patience to stand there for very long, which doesn’t make for much success as a fisherman. Of course, being just now 9 years old, patience is not part of his vocabulary. However, that all changed the other day when Michael reeled in the biggest bass anyone had hooked that weekend. Now that he knew the thrill of the conquest, the pride in taking on the challenge and reaping the reward. From that point on he wanted to fish, and he was willing to stay out there and wait. His passion had been ignited.

When Jesus called those four fishermen and asked them to follow him, he promised he would make them fishers of people (Matthew 4:19). They knew little about such things and didn’t seem to have the patience (one time John wants to “call down fire from heaven” because a village of Samaritans did not welcome them – it’s like fishing with dynamite – Jesus said, “No, we don’t do that”). However, there was a day, after Jesus had returned to heaven, that the Holy Spirit came upon the followers of Jesus and they began to proclaim the good news to the people around them. We’re told that 3,000 people became followers of Jesus that day. Those fishermen had become fishers of men, and their passion was ignited.

God has a place and a purpose for you in His plan to redeem the world. It may be as a preacher, or as a leader of a small group, or as a member of a church leadership team. God may have a plan for you to walk beside families and help them see God’s love and grace in their lives – and that may be done as a school teacher, or as an Emergency Medical Technician. or as a small business owner. You may not think you have what it takes to be what God is calling you to be in this world, but given the chance, God will do all He can to ignite your passion. And when God ignites our passion, our response is simply to let our passion serve His purpose.

I can promise you this – just like Michael learned – once you get a taste of what God can do in you and through you there will be nothing else you’ll want to do.

In your prayer today are you willing to ask God to reveal Himself to you? Will you let God ignite your passion? Will you let God direct you in ways you can use your passion to serve His purpose?

Holy high five to you, Mike


2 responses to “Igniting Your Passion

  1. We are not able to do what God wants us to do unless we take His Hand and follow His Will. All things are possible with God, even being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Teaching the kids one Sunday, we discussed the 12 disciples and talked about how ordinary they were. Jesus didn’t look for supermen, he chose ordinary and made them super men.

  2. I save all your musings and reflect back on a regular basis ,just yesterday my son kyle and I were at loews getting some material for a home project now mind you this is seven o clock and they had just opened the doors well anyway we were getting our stuff and at one point we split up to cover more ground and as turned the corner on the isle i was in out of nowhere before me was a very old friend Curtis Matthys after a big hug we talked and tried to catch up . well anyway i dont know how we got there but jack Fink came into our conversation and how he found out what his passion was though the networking classthat we had taken that event was several years ago but maybe its time to do it again it really helps a person find out where they fit. everybody has a nich in life this just helps you find it gene

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