How to Become a Hunka-hunka Burning Love

John Wesley once explained his preaching style this way:

“I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn”

He let himself become a “hunka-hunka burning love” (And yes, both Elvis and Wesley are turning over in their graves as I write this!) Wesley found life at its most challenging and most fulfilling and most passionate.

I watched various people this weekend at our church and I saw several who are just big old hunks of burning love. You could just watch them and see the joy they have in doing what they do. It wasn’t always perfect, but it was passionate – and I’ll take that every time.

Here’s some keys to making it happen in your life.

Pick your passion

It begins with what stirs your heart. What really gets you fired up (pun intended)? Other than getting up to start a special vacation, what would make you eager to get out of bed and get moving? That’s a major key to finding a life of purpose – identifying your passion.

I love to scan Facebook posts where I see people who are developing photographers, and writers, and gardeners. I see others who just seem eager to love on children or fix a home that’s falling down. They just seem to be on fire – and I like to watch them burn. What’s your passion?

Take a step

Don’t just stand there – do something. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve talked to who are in the later stages of life and wish they had followed their heart and done the things they really wanted to do. There’s two things to say about that – one is, don’t let that be you. You may not be able to do everything your heart desires, but you can take a step in that direction. If you want to be a photographer but don’t have a camera, then use your phone camera and find ways to begin taking interesting pictures. It may not be all you want, but it will feed your soul and get you ready for the next step.

Second thing to say – if you’re in the later stages of life it’s not too late to follow your passion. You are one day younger today than you will be tomorrow, so get going.

Let God light the Match

It was God who created the heart you have and it was God who gave you the passion you feel – He has a vested interest in you. God wants to watch you burn (not in the bad way, in the good way). God longs to see you find the joy of your passion, and God has the power to help make it happen. If you want to find your passion or if you want to see it ignited and fanned into a major flame, just ask God.

What is the passion that burns within your soul? Are you ready to let the fire out so others can watch you burn? Are you ready to become a hunka-hunka burning love? If you do you’ll find life at its very best.

Holy high five to you, Mike


2 responses to “How to Become a Hunka-hunka Burning Love

  1. Hey Mike, you’ve outdone yourself. Great post and I’m going to repost it so lofters can see it.

    Maybe some at annual conference will really think about it. Holy five to you, too!

    Best to you and fam.

  2. Great Post.

    In terms of preaching it may be helpful to think about it in terms of now what you are passionate about but WHO you are passionate about.

    I am not a business man myself but I am drawn more to helping them fulfill their calling then stay at home mom’s. Not that one is more important then the other but I do have a different “fire” when I work with those types of people.

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