Let God Do More

I don’t remember where it came from or exactly what it was, all I remember is a wooden pallet of some kind that I thought would make a great floor for a clubhouse. It was on the back patio of our house and it was calling my name. This would be the crown jewel project of my childhood. With my dad’s permission I was allowed to use the pallet and other pieces of wood from the garage for my project. I didn’t really have a plan I just started putting uprights on the pallet to make my walls and cross pieces to support a roof.

The project lasted only a few days. My vision wasn’t turning out the way I had hoped. My skills were not… well, just not. It was a rickety looking structure that probably posed a bit of danger for anyone who got within 10 feet. My abilities were minimal, my grasp of structural theories nonexistent, and the results were predictable.

My dad must have known this when he let me take on this challenge. I did learn some things about myself and about what it takes to try and build something. Maybe that’s why he let me give it a shot on my own at first.

I say, “at first”, because not long after that my dad suggested we take that wood and we use it to build a treehouse in the backyard. My dad knows a lot about these kinds of things – he’s built all kinds of structures. I did what he asked me to in helping get this new project finished – and it did get finished. My brother and I enjoyed that treehouse for years.

I have discovered that my earthly father actions are not so different from the way my Heavenly Father acts. Like my dad, God will allow me to take on a project with all my own efforts. He will give me access to lots of materials and resources and tools, and he will allow me to give it my best shot even knowing my vision may not come out to be all I had hoped. If the past is any indicator, God also knows I learn a lot in the process.

However, just like when I worked with my earthly dad to build the treehouse, God invites me to work with him to do more than I ever thought I could do. He does most of the work and He instructs me and directs me in what he needs me to do. The vision is His idea. The heavy lifting is His work. Overcoming the problems is His responsibility. The end result is ours together. Just like my dad and the treehouse, God wants me to enjoy the fruit of our labors.

So, which would you rather do – take on a project on your own, learn some things and end up with a mediocre result, or, work with God, who shoulders the largest part of the burden. Just imagine what life can be like if we let God do more…

Holy high five to you, Mike


One response to “Let God Do More

  1. Thank you… I often forget to let GOD do the hardest work. I start thinking that I can did easier and faster when I should be listen to what GOD has in store for me. He must say to himself “Andrea, there you go again thinking”. I so glad that GOD has patience with me

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