Faith In Action

He went in for a heart procedure to see what the problems might be. He ended the day recovering from a multiple bypass surgery. All the while there were friends gathered with his family in the waiting room. It was faith in action.

She nervously agreed to lead a children’s event a couple of years ago. Today she prepares for the next one as she busily recruits volunteers for the effort. Her desire is to help the children have a good time while learning about the deep and abiding love of God. It is faith in action.

He stopped by the office because he volunteered to give the devotion at the next leadership meeting and he hoped he might get a resource or two that might help. He wasn’t panicked, he was hopeful. He wasn’t overwrought, he was anxious to bring a helpful word. When he offers even the simplest of words it will be faith in action.

The list goes on – a man engages a newer member inviting the new man to join in the monthly men’s ministry meeting; young moms talk about the birthday party for one of their sons second birthday – a relationship developed within the walls of the church; a young woman takes the lead on a mission project – inexperienced in such endeavors but willing to do what she can.

I am a pastor of a church that is seeing more and more people coming in, more and more people growing deeper in their relationship with God and with each other. I am the pastor of a church that is stepping into places this church has never gone. All around me I see faith in action.

That’s my musing for the day – no deep revelations this time, just amazing observations. I’m blessed. Hope you are also.

Holy high five to you, Mike


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