God doesn’t panic or fret

Through my network of connections on Twitter I know things about people I have never met. There are a couple of pastors I follow on Twitter who are friends with a Texas pastor by the name of Matt Chandler. Matt was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. There is much to know about his story (click here), but what hit me was this quote by Matt:

This has not surprised God. He is not in a panic right now trying to figure out what to do with me or this disease…

Wow. What more could I say than that. He looks at God and knows God saw this coming. He looks at God and knows God has his (Matt’s) life in his hands. He looks to God and knows God will do just the right thing regarding this disease and his life (and the life of his family). He looks at God and says, yes, even now I can trust God.

Then there’s me. I have been in a snit for week now. We’re building a simple building for a growing ministry and our contractor is taking forever. Little things are not being done right. Other things are not being done and corrective actions are not been taken quickly enough. I fret over the fact that this work is taking so long. And then I see a quote like the one above.

Not only do I realize that my struggle and our church’s struggle pale in comparison to Matt Chandler’s and his church, but I also realize that I have not looked upon the same God he has. I have not looked upon the God who doesn’t panic or fret. God is not surprised by the delays in construction of HIS church. God is not fretting over the timeline. God is not panicking about the reality that the dedication of this building happens just a few days from when this blog entry is posted. God knows what He’ll do and He knows when He’ll do it. A contractor’s lack of attention and a subcontractor’s slow process don’t create havoc for God.

And so I have to wonder, if it doesn’t create panic or concern for God, why does it for me? If the God who does not slumber nor sleep also does not panic nor fret, why do I think I must?

What about you?

Are you worried? Panicked? Afraid of the future or lack thereof?Fretting over how fast or slow things are happening? The God who created you and the God who loves you is not. If you look to him and realize that truth, the promise is that you will find a peace that passes understanding. That’s the lesson I learned from a pastor I have never met but would be honored to know.

As a favor to me, if you get a chance, pray for Matt Chandler and his family.

Holy high five to you, Mike


5 responses to “God doesn’t panic or fret

  1. Thanks Mike, just what I needed to hear this morning; a rebooting, perspective bringing message.

  2. My cup runneth over with God’s comfort. Thank you Pastor Mike.

    Earlier this week I was fretting over Rev. 13 and the message that in order to buy or sell, people would have to have the sign of the beast. I was truly troubled because of responsibilities of children and people I love.

    First I heard an evangelist preach on Matthew 24 and fulfillment of prophecy. Next, listening to my Bible tapes, I just happen to have come to Esther. Then, your message reinforces what God has been trying to tell me.

    His message is that I’m not going to do this alone. He has a plan that will be revealed to me when the time is right. He wants me to enjoy my life day by day and He will take care of my eternity.

  3. This is exactly what I needed today! My last day of a paying job ended. I am choosing retirement five months before originally planned! At first I panicked, but realized God has a reason and most of it deals with time too spend with our Elderly parents!
    I have faith that God will take care of the finances!
    Matt Chandler and his family are added to my prayer list.

  4. Panick! Fret! Worry!
    Yes, Dale and I know that unholy trinity well. During our most recent hard time I kept wondering why bad things keep happening to us (and those we love). I lost faith and questioned God, becoming depressed and constantly fearing the worst. I did however keep praying and God won out over all the worry and fear. He answered our prayers in the right time, His Time. God always hears our prayers and knows our concerns, He is just waiting for the right time to answer them.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Mike. It is true, God does not panic or fret. He sees what is coming. My big issue tends to be, well if He sees it coming why doesn’t he STOP it before it reaches me? I am learning that the most important thing to do, is turn my eyes to Jesus, focus on Him and the reality of His love, and RECEIVE that love. So often I do not let the love of God enter my spirit, but when I do, I know who I belong to, and I know who holds me in the palm of His hand, a hand so vast, I can not tumble out of it.

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