Make Them Thirsty

In my sermon this week I told a story about a young salesman who had given his very best pitch but the prospects did not make a purchase. He said to his boss – “I guess it’s true that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” The boss responded with – “Your job is not to make them drink, your job is to make them thirsty.”

That story struck me as I prepared the sermon, but it has stayed with me even more since I preached it (in case you folks were wondering if God ever used a sermon to talk to the preacher, this is just one example!). Our job is to make people thirsty – well, our job may be better described as helping them realize just how thirsty they are – for God.

I watch a bit more TV than I know I should, but in that time of watching I see lots of commercials. They use pictures of professional food that looks so very tasty to spur on my hunger pangs. Other commercials show a sweaty hot person taking a cool drink and feeling “oh so relaxed” as a way to make me realize I’m thirsty and how much I would love to feel that way. Same thing is true for coffee commercials where groups of fun people are gathered around having a good time. I’m thirsty for both the coffee and the friendly gathering. I think that same principle is true in helping others discover their thirst for God.

I love watching people at Asbury as they love and serve the needs of others. I have enjoyed watching the numbers of people who are serving on mission teams grow in recent times. I think that when people tell the stories of how serving others has blessed their life, people who are longing for good things in their life stop and listen. I think when people who are not connected with God see Christians friends facing life with a joy that defies their current situation, they wonder how they, too, might find that kind of strength and peace. It’s simple really. People who let the light of God shine in their life will naturally shine the light of God from their life – and those around them are drawn to it because they face so many dark times.

Live boldly before others. Tell them how God has changed your life. Tell them how much better your life is because you know Jesus. It will make them thirsty for God. And when people come looking for a drink God promises to give them living water. Make them thirsty.

Holy high five, Mike


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