Superman and the Church

Bomp bada ba ba… ba ba ba… bomp badababa bompbada!

In case you don’t hear it, that’s some of the music from the latest Superman movie theme. It’s been running through my head since I saw bits of the movie on Sunday after lunch. Interesting movie – “Superman Returns” I believe is the title. Not only has this song been running through my head, at times it leaks out from my vocal chords. So, my family has been listening to me “bapada!” all evening. That may be why my son suggested Superman as the subject for my blog when I told him I was trying to think of what to write.

In the movie there are some really obvious references to Superman as the savior not from this world – even sent by his dad to save humankind because of their capacity for good! I think God might have an infringement case against the studio – but so far I haven’t heard of God taking anyone to court over the deal.

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking – Superman was seen as the one who could make a difference where there were people who needed help. Now, each of us individually can’t do what Superman does, but what if the followers of Jesus known as “the church” were hitting on all cylinders and working together to make a difference? Seems like together we could impact some lives.

I’m proud of what the United Methodist Church has done in Africa by providing malaria-preventing mosquito nets for families there – millions of nets, if you don’t know (for more info go to I’m excited to go with UMARMY – the youth mission camp – where high school kids will come together from various locations and meet in different towns and in teams of 4-5 they will fix homes and build wheelchair ramps. People who need help will get it.

I was awed and humbled yesterday as families came together as their youngsters came before the church and professed their faith. The love of the families was exciting to see – but what humbled me was the actions of others. People in the church not directly connected with this group of youth came together and provided a wonderful breakfast celebration. To see the activity of the church as people were honored and served was truly touching. Thanks to that Homebuilders class for all their work and the love they shared. God was glorified.

These kinds of things – service and mission and ministry – are done because lots of people work together to make it happen. Seems pretty super to me. 

So, ready to get together and do super stuff? Are you in? 

Holy high five to you, Mike.


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