Confessions of a Well-meaning Father

Well, I did what can only be considered an act of sacrificial love done as only a father could do for his daughter. It’s true, I did it. I bit the bullet. I took one for the team. I laid down my life (or at least my relaxing Sunday evening). What, pray tell, you ask, did I do for my daughter? What could be so extraordinarily generous to rate this level of verbosity? Well…

I took my daughter – just her and me – to see the Hannah Montana movie.

I did it for her, you see. She’s worth it. My daughter is one of the best people I know. She’s tender-hearted and responsible, so I was willing to swallow my grown male pride and take her to see this movie she so desperately wanted to see.

“And so this outpouring of sacrificial love is your confession?”, you ask. Not exactly.

The confession is this: I liked the movie.

 There, I said it. And, it’s true.

As a dad I saw a father/daughter relationship where his “little girl” is growing up and trying to be her own person. My daughter turns 13 this week – I can relate. I saw people giving more attention to the superficial make-believe person than they did to the person under the wig. I thought about how often we feel the need to pretend to be someone we’re not in order to get people to notice us, both because we don’t take the time to know each other except in superficial ways and secondly, because we’re afraid to show people who we really are. I also saw Barry Bostwick doing this crazy dance at the end – and that was just funny.

Mostly I enjoyed taking time to share a decent movie with my daughter. They grow up really fast. I guess that’s why I really enjoyed the father/daughter duet in the movie.

Anyway, not a deep theological discussion of Easter as you might expect, just me sharing a good Easter memory.

Holy high five to you (and happy birthday Becca), Mike.


4 responses to “Confessions of a Well-meaning Father

  1. How priceless is a memory of shared times? You can only buy them with giving a bit of yourself. The things you wouldn’t trade for any amount of gold. Probably the most important thing I read in your BLOG was between the lines. BECCA WANTED TO GO TO THE MOVIE WITH YOU! That’s what I call getting an A on your report card as a father. Congratulations.

  2. Mike, as Carol said “priceless”. My daughter turns 25 next month and I remember every one of those very special times. And those outings I thought were going to be the most sacrificial on my part, invariably turned out to be the most memorable and dear to my heart.

    holy high five back at ya

  3. You are such a good dad!

  4. I’m gonna be a father, my wife has 5 months of pregnancy and I imagine how could be life with a son who grows up so fast!
    I don’t know yet if is a girl or a boy, but I’m sure it’s goning to be a blessing for our lives as a family… If is a girl, I wil start to practice that kind of sacrifice like you did… hahahahahaha!!!! God is in every detail of our lives, and this is not an exception.
    May God bless you!!

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