Finding God in Computer Problems

I’ve been struggling lately because my computer went down – I mean the power just quit. Don’t know yet what the problem is, but had to go ahead and get a new laptop to continue doing my work. I have some backups in place, but in one place I don’t have all my files – like email addresses and website log-ins, etc. In another place I might have those but can’t get access to it on my new computer – Vista!!!

As I have been grousing and grumbling about all this I am struck by the Scripture that I say I live in – Romans 8:28 –

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

As I read it again I have to concede that in this process God is working for my good – doesn’t say He might, it says he does. However, the unmentioned issue is that just because God is working doesn’t mean the work is comfortable, enjoyable, or easy for those God is working for and working with (just ask Jesus as we look ahead to Good Friday).

Part of me even wonders if God is allowing this to happen because I have not been the perfect picture of a proper follower of Jesus. But, as I think about that God seems to be nudging me – “Mike, why could I not just be using this situation to make you stronger because I want you to be stronger?” And I guess He could be doing just that.

Notice the difference that one perspective makes over the other. In my first thought I found myself loaded down by the guilt of not being the “good” person I should be and so God has to discipline me and pound on me like a blacksmith on an anvil fixing a mistake. In the second viewpoint I become raw material God longs to make into something much more useful – like clay on the potter’s wheel.

How often do we see ourselves in light of our shortcomings and lack of faith? Could it be that God sees us differently than we see ourselves? Could it be that God looks at us through eyes of grace and with an attitude of great hope for the potential He sees in us? And if that last answer is “yes”, how differently should we see ourselves?

The LORD your God is with you, 
       the Mighty Warrior who saves. 
       He will take great delight in you; 
       in his love he will no longer rebuke you, 
       but will rejoice over you with singing.”    (Zephaniah 3:17)

So, my computer problem may just be a reminder that God takes delight in me – who knew?

Likewise, could it be God is allowing you to work through a struggle in order to strengthen you for the journey ahead of you? If so, it’s because he sees in you great potential for helping Him redeem the world. That’s something to hang your hat on.


Holy high five to you, Mike.


3 responses to “Finding God in Computer Problems

  1. I think its great that God found a way to invite others to your BLOG. Thanks for including me and thanks to you too, Mike.

  2. That’s exactly how God works in our lives. Sometimes he will allow us to get into such a difficult situation where we need to pray for a miracle and guess what. He will perform a miracle for you so you know who God is and to keep following him.

    I had several healings and miracles and things like what happened to you with your computer problem to keep me coming to him. The end of God isn’t when we first get to know him, it’s just the beginning of an eternal life with him. If you keep on following him and obey all his commands, he will give you his spirit and then you will know him like Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and the rest of the saints did.

  3. very good article, i liked so much how you can see God in everything, even in details like a computer.
    May God bless you with a new one!! Hahahahaha!!!
    Grace and peace in Jesus.

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