This thing called faith

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and cetain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

Our church is in a time of purposeful change and intentional activity as we seek to enter into the next chapter in the life of this congregation. We’re stepping into the future and it starts with a BIG STEP out beyond our comfort zone. So what can we expect? Better yet what do we hope for? If the writer of Hebrews is giving us the inspired words of God (and I do believe they are) then faithfulness is being sure of what we hope for. So, what do we hope for?

It’s a trick question. I can hope for many things – like an immediate end to the economic problems we curently face. Am I unfaithful if I am not sure that will happen? I would have to say no. Faith is not being sure of what we hope will happen, it is being sure of what we hope FOR… what we hope AFTER. Our hope is not in the things or circumstances of this world. Our hope is, or should be, in the truth that Jesus is alive, the Holy Spirit is active in the world, and God is working to bring people to himself. Faith is being sure of those things.

Faith, then, in my opinion, is when we align ourselves with what God is calling us to do and trusting that God will do what God does in using us to help bring others to him, and bring us closer to him. Can our changes of furniture and new initiatives to reach people change lives? Not by our own doing. Can we calculate the exact affect our changes will have in the next 6 months? the next year? the next 5 years? I don’t think so.

Faith is being sure that if we will seek God, if we will listen for God, and when we hear God’s call we step forward as he calls us, then lives will be changed and God’s purpose will be served. And if we can’t SEE that change, that impact, what do we do? Well, we live in the certainty that even if we do not see it, God does.

Yeah, faith would be easier if when we acted faithfully we could see the outcome and know exactly how the purpose of God is being fulfilled. And we often measure our faith that way – but if we do that the it’s not really faith.

Faith takes… faith, don’t you think?

Holy high five to you, Mike


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