Hanging Out With God

My wife and I took time on Saturday to go to the Home and Garden Show here in Houston. For people who live in rented houses or parsonages it’s an exercise in futility at times to go to those shows. But, if you go without expectation of doing any real work to your house it can be fun. I did get to hold on to a couple of puppies that were available for adoption, and I’ve come to really like dogs since we got our Sheltie mix, Maggie, a few years ago.

The best part of the day was just having time to hang out with my wife. Jan is the best person in the world for me and spending time with her renews me (I love you Jan!). We just walked every aisle and looked at various things that caught our attention. At one point there was a cooking show about to begin and so Jan asked me if I wanted to watch it. I did. We ended up taking home free stuff! As we made our way around Reliant arena we talked about which way to go, places to stop, things we saw, and dreams of what would be nice – like having one of those spas on our back deck. It was not a time of real deep discussion or major decision, just time together enjoying little things.

I began to think about that in terms of my relationship with Jesus. Even lately I have found myself having just casual conversations with him. I just talk about the day ahead, I think about the moments that were meaningful, I marvel at the times things go well, and grumble a bit about the struggles. But lately it hasn’t just been me talking to me. I just have this sense of Jesus with me and around me.

I think it comes from the more intentional time I have spent reading the Bible and seeking to listen to God’s word for me. I am currently journaling through this process and really reflecting on what God might be saying to me through what I read. I think it has helped me to hear God and to feel the presence of Jesus in a way that let’s me just “hang out” with him. I’m really thankful for that.

Hope you take time to hang out with Jesus today. Hanging out with him will renew you like no one on earth can do (and I know Jan would agree).

Holy high five to you, Mike.


3 responses to “Hanging Out With God

  1. Jan is an awesome person. I can see why you like hanging out with her!

  2. I really enjoyed your comments. I don’t know Jan very well but I recognized the love and respect you felt for her during Vacation Bible School last year. You stopped by her side to ask her something, waiting until she finished what she was doing and not interrupting. At the time, I thought what a wonderful example it set for the other young couples and older couples that encountered the two of you together. Too often a couple takes one another for granted and sets themselves up to be the important one. You showed that she was at least equally if not more important and I liked that.

  3. Mike, I really enjoy reading your blogs, as does Lonnie. He usually beats me to them, but we do share them, and thoroughly enjoy all of them. I’m so happy you and Jan had a day just “hangin’ out”. You’re both pretty special people and I can understand why you would want to hang out together. Hope you get to do that again very soon.

    I talk to God a lot and find myself chatting with him while driving, sewing, or whenever I feel the need. Can’t imagine what people who don’t have a realtionship with him, do without that joy in their lives.

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