Monday Musings ……………. November 24, 2008

It was like stirring up an ant pile. Yesterday saw a flurry of activity at the church. 50 Thanksgiving feasts (in raw form) put together in 30 minutes. Later, a battalion of delivery teams took them out to the homes they were destined for. At the same time Jim and Jo Westphal were working on the Chrismon tree for the Sanctuary (which looks amazing), Susan Palmer and the kids were working on the tree in the Main Hall (also beautiful), and several people sat and fluffed up the garland that would go around the ceiling in the Main Hall and on the walls in the Sanctuary. Terry and Chance Moser brought their gift of height and got the nails and the garland set in the Main Hall (and got a frisbee off the roof as a bonus). Lunch was made by several and offered to anyone who was there working on Turkey Quest of Christmas tasks. Dixie and Jan took care of the Advent wreath (and DIxie gets the “above and beyond” award – she was there all day and only left after we had a Staff-Parish-Relations meeting which ended after 8:30!).

How amazing a day it was with all that activity and I haven’t even mentioned that many people made commitment offerings for our FAITH FOR THE FUTURE campaign during worship – a significant act of faith in such uncertain times. I should also mention the blankets scheduled to go to the Fire Department – they were made by people in the church and will help comfort children facing a very scary time.

WOW. I am extremely blessed to be the pastor of such a faithful congregation. I am humbled to be in the same church with people who give themselves so freely and readily.

Let me finish by saying thank you to all who are walking this path with me. I am grateful for the love and support I receive, and I praise God for all of you. May your Thanksgiving holiday be a blessing to you. May you know God’s grace and love as you gather with family and friends, or even spend a quiet day.

Holy high five – Mike.


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