Monday Musings ……………. November 17, 2008

I read a story once about a Governor who was touring his state and making the political rounds to get people’s input and their support. One day when he and his entourage stopped at a local church for lunch the Governor found himself extremely hungry. As he went through the line to get his food the lady serving the chicken gave him one medium sized piece of chicken. Normally he would have just moved on, but he was hungry and asked if he could have another piece of chicken. The lady behind the table said “Sorry, one per customer.” The Governor, usually very modest and not apt to use his status, said to the woman “Do you know who I am? I’m the Governor of this state.” She looked back at him and replied, “Do you know who I am? I’m the woman in charge of the chicken – now move along!”

I love that story, not that it has much to do with what I’m about to say, but hey, what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t say what you feel like saying even if it doesn’t apply?

The story does have something to do with what I experienced last night at our “Faith Feast”. I watched a great gathering of faithful people who came to here about God’s vision and God’s call for our church. It was a fantastic response – members of various ages and lengths of time in the church. We had a great time and a great meal (thanks Sue Janda and all her friends!). I watched as the people lined up to get some barbecue. They waited patiently. They enjoyed their time talking with each other in the line. And, when they left that table they had a heaping helping of food on their plate. When we said they could go back for seconds, no one moved – I think we were all fat and happy (easy now, it’s just a saying…).

It made me realize again how great the work of God is at Asbury and how ready we are for God to pile on the heaping helping of blessings. Many people are giving themselves to serve God’s purpose in the church. We’re willing to get in line and wait patiently for God’s timing. And, we trust that there is a great feast of love and grace that will be poured out on us. We don’t have to pull rank. We don’t have to negotiate for more. We don’t have to worry that God might tell us to “move along”. God’s gifts are many, His blessings are abundant.

I believe this truly is the time of Asbury’s “next chapter”. I believe God is leading us to new and amazing places. I believe the followers of Jesus at Asbury are willing to wait as we need to for God’s timing to play out. While we wait we’ll enjoy the fellowship and the conversation. While we wait we’ll continue to do what we can to help others know the gracious love and warmth of God.

The future’s so bright, I have to wear shades (kudos to those who know who sang that line).

Holy high five to you, Mike.


3 responses to “Monday Musings ……………. November 17, 2008

  1. Mike,

    I was a fun evening last night. We all enjoyed the fellowship.
    It was a blessing to see how many have already committed to helping this become a reality. Mike and I both commented on how much we enjoyed your message yesterday. You have such a gift for words. I love the blog. Keep it up.


  2. Timbuk 3 Ha!

    Good blog, by the way! Love you!

  3. Mike,

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to the feast. Sounds like it was a great success. However as one of Asbury’s newest members, I realize every Sunday morning and Monday evening how great the work of God is at Asbury. It’s a wonderful feeling!

    Thanks for all you do 🙂


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