Monday Musings ……………. September 1, 2008

Once again – Tuesday is Monday – hope you had a good long weekend. Having the extra day is great for our family since Sunday is so busy.

Well, summer is now officially over, hurricane season is in full swing, and the elections are getting VERY interesting. I had actually written a whole other blog entry, but then decided I wanted to talk about politics. Good idea? I’ll let you decide.

I was very intrigued when John McCain made his Vice-Presidential selection. Sarah Palin seems to be a loving mom with conservative perspectives and Christian values. Being relatively unknown made her an even more interesting subject of discussion and debate. Couple that with her political background and follow it with the disclosure of her teenage daughter’s pregnancy and things keep getting more and more interesting.

I will also say that I watched with great interest the Democratic National Convention. To live in a time when a man with a mixed racial heritage and DNA becomes the nominee of one of our two main political parties is beyond words for me – I am glad I’m here to see it. As it is with the Republican side, there are things Barak Obama says that I can agree with on some level, and other things I would deal with differently, but the fact that he is saying them as a presidential candidate is encouraging. I am not really here to make a political statement about either party or candidate. I am simply intrigued by the times we live in.

I am glad to see that there is a move toward a more congenial process in running campaigns. I applaud John McCain for selecting a running mate with views different from his own, and one whose family is obviously dealing with real life as we all are. I also admire Barak Obama for his decision to take a stand against the old school politics of attacking on all fronts – his statement that the Palin’s 17 year-old daughter’s situation is not to be exploited is an honorable stance.

So, what does all this have to do with Jesus and Asbury?

Well, the Bible is very clear that we are called to pray for our leaders and to follow their authority (for all authority is given by God). The good news for us in the U.S. is that we have the privilege of impacting who gets that authority. I encourage everyone to pray for all who are involved in this election, pray for the candidates, and pray that God would help you see the best choice you can make this November. My greater encouragement for each of us is that we never fail to stay focused on the fact that before we are citizens of this country, we are citizens of the Kingdom. Our work as the people of God at Asbury UMC is not contingent upon elections and political agendas. Our work is directed by the God of the universe, the one whose people – our brothers and sisters – reside across the globe and in many political organizations. Beyond the vision any candidate has for this country is the vision God has for His Kingdom, and with that, the vision he has for our church.

Here’s my word to you today:

In Jesus Christ there is an unchanging truth you can believe in


As you look to your priorities – Kingdom First

Holy high-five to you,



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