Monday Musings ……………. August 18, 2008

“I’ll be bacK”

The words of Arnold in Terminator? Yes. But also the words of someone visiting our late service on Sunday – great words to hear. It means something connected; something made a difference; and that something was GOD.

I met this man (the first-time visitor) during the greeting time and that’s when the highlight of my morning happened. One of our youth was coming down the aisle about the same time. I turn to him and shook his hand and said, “Good morning.” He responded, and then it happened. He turned to this first-time visitor, stuck out his hand, and greeted him. As I left, the man was asking his name and they were getting introduced. I’d be glad to tell you who it was (the young man, that is), but I didn’t tell him I would be using this story. The point for me was that we had a young man making the effort to meet a visiting adult. The only explanation I have is the same one I gave in the paragraph above – GOD.

Now, to say that one event was the highlight of my day is saying a lot. The early service was our most eventful. Sandy Humerickhouse joined our church during that service. Sandy came to visit our church because she’s a friend of Dixie McAdams. Sandy is already finding connections and friendships and she wanted to make a commitment to this community of believers. Do you know that more people come to a church and get connected because a friend invites them than for any other reason? Dixie helped Sandy find a place to get connected and grow in her faith. But it wasn’t really DIxie’s doing – it was God.

And then there was the music. Matt brought a special guest and gave us something of a more acoustical experience as Renee played the violin and accompanied Matt playing his guitar. It brought a depth of soul to the music that was moving and meaningful. I love our band and their music, but this was a special change of pace. I could express my delight in Renee’s talent and Matt’s leadership and how that just made such a huge difference in our service, and it did. But the real credit goes to… yeah, GOD. It’s amazing how God gives gifts of music to people and uses them to draw us closer to Him. Same thing happened in the late service. The choir did a special selection that just lifted our souls and moved our spirits. How? GOD.

I guess the point I’m making is that God was all over the place yesterday morning in a powerful, moving, meaningful way. If there is any hope for the future of our ministry in this place it is that truth – God is here. God is active. God is alive. That’s the best news we can get.

Yesterday was an amazing day, and it was all God’s fault. And, if you don’t realize it, that can also be true for your day today and tomorrow – God is ready to make your day amazing. I hope it is.


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