Monday Musings ……………. August 11, 2008

There continues to be something about Sunday morning at Asbury that just does my heart good. I know I sound like a broken record, but there really is something about our time together in this place that feeds my soul. I feel stronger and happier when I’m around the people of this church. I sure did enjoy listening to Zach Cotton sing at the end of the early service. And I enjoyed having a time of prayer at the end of the service. I think God is calling us to do that on a regular basis – He may even raise up some kind of prayer team to help pray with others who need a special prayer. That would be cool.

I was excited to look out and see some families I haven’t seen in a while and to see some families who were returning for another visit to Asbury. The visiting family I’m thinking about has 2 daughters who also came to the Sunday school classes. After church I spoke with Laurel Waller who was already making plans to contact the older girl to let her know about upcoming events with the youth. That kind of intentional relationship connection really makes a difference. When I came into the church this morning I heard some more conversation about someone being invited to join a Sunday school class. The person who was doing the inviting really seemed to have a heart for helping another person get connected. I love to hear those stories. I love to watch as people reach out to help others find a way to grow closer to Jesus.

Then there was Sunday lunch. A room filled with people who were involved in serving the needs of others and people who wanted to honor them and hear their stories. The Sabine Pass adult group, the UMARMY team, the WIGI Jr. High kids – all of these people who took time to do something for others! I am in awe of the faithfulness of the followers of Jesus here at Asbury. The Missions Dinner was a great celebration of what God is doing through the people of Asbury. I think missions will just continue to grow into one of our most powerful areas of ministry.

There is just no denying that God is moving in amazing, profound, and yet simple ways here at Asbury. I can see the power of the Holy Spirit getting ready to bust out like a rumbling volcano getting ready to blow – hold on to your hat, it’s going to be an incredible journey.

Peace to you…


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