Monday Musings ……………. August 4, 2008

I’m not sure if I brought it on or I was used to help get us ready – but it’s very interesting to me that I happened to preach about being in the storm and how Jesus has the power to see us through and to save us, and now we are in the midst of preparing for the possible affects of Eduard, the tropical storm that could be a hurricane. Sure, it could be completely unrelated, but you have to admit it’s interesting.

In the sermon I used another story from Mark’s gospel about a man who came to Jesus to be healed. He said to Jesus, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” (He had leprosy – a disease of the skin). Jesus was willing and he did make the man whole again. I compared that to the disciples in the boat who never uttered such words of faith. It made me wonder how much I truly believe God can do. I spoke to someone who had traveled a rocky road and has come to a point of having a renewed and powerful faith. When asked how they would live life differently if they could go back and do it again they said, “I would trust God more”. Do I REALLY trust God? Do I believe God is big enough to overcome any situation, any circumstance, any struggle? Do I believe that when God calls me to act He will put his power behind my efforts? David took down a giant – one he probably never should have tried to fight. Joshua led his people to knocked down city walls with a shout – a ridiculous idea. When Jesus told Peter to come to him on the water, Peter walked on water! And yet, even with all the evidence in front of me, I struggle to live by faith. I think I’d like to live differently.

Back to matters of Asbury – I thoroughly enjoyed the “Asbury’s Got Talent” night hosted by the youth. It was a fun event where people were brave enough to stand up (or sit down) in front of others and put forth their talents. From dance to singing to playing, we shared a great night. However, the real beneficiary of the evening was not anyone who was there. The event kicked off the Stuff The Bus campaign and we collected school supplies and cash donations.

By the way – the “commercial” for Stuff the Bus was slightly tweaked and put on YouTube – the video link is posted below.

As I thought about how much I need to trust God, I also began to realize that God seeks to show His power to others through us. Those who struggle to take care of their families needs are in a tough time, they face their own storms. It’s through the work of God’s people at Asbury that some of them will suddenly look up and realize God has calmed the storm. They’ll discover that God used people whom he has blessed with material wealth to provide for others in need. It may just be that by our work others will come to trust God more in their lives – and that’s a really good thing. So what if we don’t answer God’s call? What if he calls us to serve others and we fail to respond? Could it be that others won’t know peace in the midst of the storm? I hope not, I hope God finds another way – but my greater hope is that He doesn’t have to.

We are called to serve – not to help out because we see a need, but to obey our master so His love can be made real in this world through us.



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